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Are you a boss? If not, you're definitely going to be after vaping this killer eliquid from Cuttwood. Boss Reserve is an eliquid packed with a rich flavor profile that includes honey graham crackers, nuts, milk, and banana - one vape and you'll realize why Cuttwood is known as "The Sauce Boss," because you'll feel like a boss too. This eliquid is so good that if you like a rich, creamy vape that's appropriate for all day use, it might quickly become your new favorite - and anyone you let try it, but beware, a boss doesn't like to share, and your friends are going to be asking you for more.


Product Description

Boss Reserve is a dense, complicated blend of flavors. If a lesser brand tried to pull something like this off, odds are they wouldn't be able to get it right, and you'd end up vaping a mishmash of different flavors. Cuttwood is an experienced eliquid manufacturer, known for their artesian blends and unique flavors - Boss Reserve is no exception to this rule whatsoever. Let's take a look at each component of this brilliant juice from the top down.

The first flavor you're likely to notice immediately is the honey graham cracker cereal flavor found in Boss Reserve. This is the primary flavor, but it's heavily accented by everything else - it wouldn't have the same mouthwatering effect without them. The honey graham cracker flavor becomes a "cereal" thanks to the added milk component of this juice, which we'll get to in a moment. For now, just imagine a honey graham cracker: rich, lightly sweet, and totally satisfying. That's what the Boss is going to provide you with first and foremost.

The milk flavor in this blend is what ties everything together, and what transforms the graham flavor from just a cracker to a cereal. This creamy milk undertone is the perfect backdrop to everything else you'll find in this delicious eliquid, and without it, the Boss might have gone home early. 

You won't be overwhelmed with a nutty flavor - which is great if that's not your thing - but hints of toasted nuts will absolutely be present in this eliquid, and it was a really smart inclusion from Cuttwood. Without this subtle nut flavor, you'd really just have another breakfast themed eliquid, but this is probably best described as the secret sauce and a great reason why Cuttwood is known as The Sauce Boss - it's these subtler flavors in smaller amounts that really make an eliquid go from "pretty good" to "outstanding," because they help to make a more complex, enjoyable flavor.

Finally, let's examine the best part of Boss Reserve: the banana flavor. This was a stroke of genius, because it's one of those components you always want in your cereal (yet always seem to forget). Cuttwood didn't forget, and the sweet, tropical addition of a banana flavor makes Boss Reserve just about as close to perfect as it could get.

Additional Information: Boss Reserve from Cuttwood E-liquid

This eliquid from Cuttwood is available in the standard 30 milliliter amount, which is perfect for your first taste. However, if you're sure that you love it - and you're very likely to do exactly that - Cuttwood also makes it available in a huge 120 millileter bottle. If Boss Reserve becomes your all day vape, this is a great way to get more of what you want. The Boss understands that having options is always better, so this eliquid is available in nicotine concentrations ranging from 0 milligrams all the way up to 18.

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