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  • Alien Box Mod Kit by SMOK

    The Alien Box Mod Kit by SMOK combines the brand’s Alien Box Mod with a TFV8 Baby Beast Tank by SMOK to deliver unparalleled versatility and functionality. Never has a mod from this popular brand offered such detailed monitoring of settings. It sports a max output of 220W and two different modes to satisfy those who prefer enhanced flavor or vast vapor volume. It’s a sub ohm vaper’s dream.


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  • Sigelei Wehe 218 Box Mod Kit by Sigelei

    The Sigelei Wehe 218 Box Mod Kit by Sigelei is a workhorse designed for the hardcore sub ohm vaper. Powered by three 18650-style batteries, this kit combines aesthetic appeal with raw power to deliver extreme clouds of flavorful vapor. The device features a maximum output of 218W and a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms. A Sigelei X-Tank completes this package which offers high-end functionality at a rock bottom price.


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  • Rueleaux RX75w Temperature Control Box Mod Kit by Wismec
    Rueleaux RX75w Temperature Control Box Mod Kit by Wismec
  • iCare Starter Kit by eLeaf

    The iCare Starter Kit by eLeaf provides all you need to experience one of the most compact and user-friendly vaporizers available today. Featuring an internal tank and airflow system, this portable vaporizer is perfect for those who want a strong draw and bold flavor without the bulkiness of a larger mod. When you add in an automatic on/off mechanism that is triggered by inhaling, this rig is ideal for those new to vaping.


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  • J150 Box Mod Kit by Sigelei
    J150 Box Mod Kit by Sigelei

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  • G-PRIV 220w Box Mod Kit by SMOK

    The G-PRIV 220W Temperature Control Box Mod Kit by SMOK merges supreme functionality and trendy appeal to deliver an intense vaping experience. This advanced mod is similar in design and performance to the H-PRIV but adds in an OLED touchscreen that makes precision adjustments quick and easy.


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  • H-PRIV Mini 50w Box Mod Kit by SMOK

    The H-PRIV 50w Box Mod Kit by SMOK is a full-on ninja level vaping device of extraordinary functionality. The kit includes the mod, one of SMOK's exceptional Brit Beast tanks, extra coils, replacement glass, and everything you need to experience the perfection offered by this iconic brand. This mod is sleek, attractive, and boasts all of the power you need for vast clouds of vapor and insane flavor from your favorite e-liquid.


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  • iStick Pico 75w Box Mod Kit by eLeaf

    The iStick Pico 75W Box Mod Kit by eLeaf is one of the most stylish and functional vaporizers produced by this brand which has established a reputation for quality. Featuring a compact design and powered by one 18650 style battery, this little unit delivers up to 75W of power and renders vast clouds of vapor. It has a full complement of switchable modes including VW/Bypass/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR and supports a variety of coil architectures. Topping off the kit is a MELO III Mini Tank which suits this mod perfectly.


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  • J150 Temperature Control Box Mod by Sigelei

    The J150 Temperature Control Box Mod by Sigelei is a powerful and versatile mod that is the first to feature an internal Li-ion polymer battery. This means that the need for a removable battery is eliminated, bringing a greater amount of convenience and performance to vapers who appreciate lots of options and power in a compact package. This mod was developed by the same company that introduced the Sigelei Classic and Sigelei UFO, and it boasts all of the durability that this brand is known for.


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  • SnowWolf 218 Box Mod by Sigelei

    If you crave big power from your vaping device, the SnowWolf 218 Box Mod by Sigelei is a powerhouse of perfection. Boasting a triple 18650 battery setup, this mod can churn out up to 218W maximum while affording precision temperature control. The vapor volume delivered by this stellar mod can be customized to your exact liking with an assortment of features and the flavor from your preferred e-liquids will render a rich and bold inhale.


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  • Rueleaux RX200s Box Mod by Wismec

    The Reuleaux RX200S Box Mod by Wismec is an update on the famed Wismec Reuleaux RX200. It differs from the latter mod in that it offers an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display screen that's a breeze to operate. If you're looking for an impressive 200 watts of pure strength, The Reuleaux RX200s Box Mod can offer it to you without a problem. This mod can come in handy for vapers who want to enjoy numerous different choices in temperature control settings.


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  • H-PRIV 220w Temperature Control Kit by SMOK

    The H-PRIV 220w Temperature Control Kit by SMOK comes from one of the most popular brands in the industry and is a perfect entry-level setup for those new to mods. The kit combines SMOK's powerful H-PRIV TC box mod with the popular Micro TFV4 tank to deliver huge clouds of vapor and rich, smooth flavor. It is a compact but powerful rig that is user-friendly and will appeal to both experienced vapers and beginners. 


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Regulated Box Mod Vape

Finding a box mod vape that's ideal for your individual needs isn't always as easy as it may initially seem. That's because of the wealth of options out there. Many people are fans of regulated mods. There are also many people who are fans of unregulated box mods and mechanical mods. Vaping enjoyment is all about finding the specific device that suits your needs the best. If you want the opportunity to explore the finest and most dependable regulated vape box, GotVape is indeed the website for you.

The Best Box Mods on the Market

Regulated e cig box mods are equipped with chips that enable users to select their desired wattage. These mods depend on electronics to handle their wattage and voltage needs. They differ greatly from mechanical mods in this department. Mechanical mods depend on mechanical elements that allow these mods to fire. Those same elements also defend these mods from any misfires.

Your Trusted Source of the Top Vapor Box Mods

If you want to see all of the newest and the best box mods available, our choices here at GotVape are undeniably impressive. We offer our customers many options in regulated mods that are produced by big names in the vaping universe. Our store's vape listings can provide you with the information you need to decide if you want to buy a specific unit. They also show you what our available devices look like. If you're dreaming of the best vapor box that's white, silver, red, purple or blue, you'll be able to browse listings that can help you find precisely what you want.

Convenient Box Mod Vape Selection

We go into great detail about regulated box mod features, too. If you're thinking about buying a box vape mod that comes with the convenience of temperature control, our listings can get you on track. They mention key features such as battery level indicators, battery defense, OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens and variable wattage. If you have highly specific vapor box needs in mind, we can help you determine which devices to consider. If you're interested in buying a regulated vape box that's on the compact and small side, we can provide you with reliable size information.

Find First Rate Box Mod Vapes

If you're looking for thorough and detailed information regarding any of our available vapor boxes, our talented and dedicated staff members can provide it for you. They are not only variable voltage box mod experts but also have expertise that covers the entire spectrum of vaping products and accessories. If you have any questions about the first-rate sub tanks, e-liquids, vapor whips, vaporizer batteries and concentrate tanks that are available on our site, let us know. Contact our company today for more information regarding our plentiful temp control box mods.