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  • Tropical by Alfaliquid

    Tropical by Alfaliquid boasts a pure fruit essence that is inspired by the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, and it is handcrafted in France by flavor artists with years of experience in creating premium e-liquids. You'll taste individual notes of guava, apple, pear, grape, and chamomile in this indulgent delight that is meant to be savored. It beckons you to take a break from your hectic life and enjoy the simpler pleasures.

  • Winter Leaf by Alfaliquid

    Winter Leaf by Alfaliquid is so cool and crisp that you might feel as though you are atop the Alps and looking down on the French countryside where this designer e-liquid is made. Wintergreen, green peppermint, and frosted mint all blend to produce an incredibly cool vapor that is not overpowering like menthol. It falls as softly on your palette as the snow falls in the French mountains.

  • Milk Berry by Alfaliquid

    Simplicity and the appreciation for life's pleasures which are so valued in the South of France are what inspire Milk Berry by Alfaliquid. Its elegant, smooth blend of strawberries and fresh milk might seem like a basic combination, but this e-liquid renders them in such an authentic way that you cannot escape how fresh this e-liquid tastes and smells. It has a gentle inhale that makes you want to pause and take time out to enjoy your vape.

  • Double Pink by Alfaliquid

    Produced in France and bursting with all the joy and extravagance of Mardi Gras, Double Pink by Alfaliquid is pure fun. It has a wonderful tutti frutti and orange flavor profile that is sweet and delectable while offering one of the smoothest draws you will find. This e-liquid evokes smiles and laughter, and it is a perfect choice for those lighter moments with friends when you are in a party mood and want to have a good time.

  • Carnival by Alfaliquid

    Carnival by Alfaliquid harnesses all of the revelry that accompanies Mardi Gras and packs it into a fun and invigorating e-liquid that could only come from the heart of France. A captivating mixture of fresh fruits such as pineapple and banana, the blend also draws on floral notes for perfect aroma and a smooth delivery. This e-liquid can be vaped from morning until night without losing its whimsical appeal.

  • Classic Leaf by Alfaliquid

    Crafted in France by mixologists with a passion for the finer things in life, Classic Leaf by Alfaliquid is just what you would expect from a country that celebrates living with class and elegance. You'll savor the notes of mild Virginia tobacco leaves as they interlace with sweet red fruits. Only France could deliver an e-liquid that is so aromatic and flavorful while being smooth enough to vape all day.

  • Bartlett Apple by Alfaliquid

    Bartlett Apple by Alfaliquid is a clean and refreshing e-liquid that delivers the orchard fresh tastes of apples and pears, just as you would experience them when purchased from a roadside stand in the South of France. This e-liquid is crisp and refreshing, never bitter, and can be vaped all day for an indulgent sensation that could only be produced in a country with an appreciation for life's finer things.

  • Alpine Menthe by Alfaliquid

    Alpine Menthe by Alfaliquid joins together mint and eucalyptus to create a cool, crisp e-liquid that is as fresh as the air in the French Alps. The balance of sharp mint and delightful sweetness makes this an e-liquid that can be vaped all day. It recalls fun times on the ski slopes or hikes high in the mountains where the air is clean. That kind of purity is captured by this blend.

  • Noble Leaf by Alfaliquid

    Noble Leaf by Alfaliquid recalls the exquisite tastes of one of France's most memorable monarchs, Louis XIV. It combines the flavor of delicacies like rich chocolate and caramel with that of Virginia tobacco to produce a remarkably robust e-liquid that is smooth yet possesses an intense amount of depth on every draw. This is an e-liquid that turns vaping into an experience that is meant to be savored.



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Just Landed E-Liquid at GotVape!

The Just Landed category at is all about the newest and most exciting e-juices on the market today. While we have one of the largest inventories of premium and designer e-juices that you will find online, every month we are introducing many more new brands in an effort to give you more choices. More e-juice choices means more opportunities for you to find that special blend that matches your own personality and lifestyle.

These e-juices that have just landed make it to our selection quickly. You might not even be able to find many of them in your local vape shop. When you check often you just might be the first person in your own inner circle to try them out. You won't have to wait long to get them, either, because our shipping is fast.

Why would you want to explore many of these new e-juices that have just landed in the marketplace? We suspect it is because vaping is inherently about making choices. Everything about the vaping lifestyle, from RDAs to the brands of e-juices you like to vape, revolves around making the experience personal. The arrival of new e-juices keeps the fun in vaping. There is always something new to try.

The e-juices that appear in our Just Landed category change with regularity. The best way to see what we have available is to bookmark our page and come back often. According to many community websites and other sources that track such things, a vast number of new e-juice flavors appear each month. Without our handy Just Landed category, keeping up with them all would be difficult. We have made it as easy as logging on and opening a webpage. In just a few clicks you can have the latest and most popular e-juice on its way to your home. You won't have to worry about feeling left out when all of your friends are discussing the hot new flavor, and they will surely appreciate you having your own supply!

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Just Landed e-juices come from a variety of brands. Some of them are brands that you have come to know and trust. Others are brands that may be making their initial splash in the e-juice marketplace. Many vapers love the offerings from new brands because they often represent the most original new flavors. The e-juice industry is competitive, and newer brands are working harder to get a share of the market. This work ethic regularly produces new vapors that amaze and delight in their unique appeal. Of course, the response of long-standing brands is to tweak their own special formulas or expand upon their product line. Either way, you reap the benefits.

You may find that your personal vaping taste evolves over time. Flavors that once held a special attraction for you might not do the trick anymore. In that case, one of these e-juices that have just landed at is the ticket to energize and renew your love for vaping. The great thing about us is that we evolve, too, right in step with the ever-changing desires of vapers everywhere. It wouldn't be uncommon for you to discover something new at every time you visit.

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