Brew Frappe by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid


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The warm, delicious taste of coffee with swirls of caramel is obvious on an inhale of Brew Frappe by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid. The exhale mixes the coffee with the taste of sweet whipped cream and honey, making you feel like you just sipped a perfectly made frappe. This simple, pleasant aftertaste means it is easy to completely enjoy this. 


Product Description

Frappes are popular for a reason. The perfect blend of bitter and sweet makes frappes taste great without being overbearing, and the higher VG/PG ratio of Brew Frappe by Juice Roll-upz makes sure this e-liquid does the same. You’ll get all the same great taste with Brew Frappe. The caramel, cream and honey flavors balance out the bitterness of the coffee and make sure none of the flavors completely take over. Brew Frappe is 80% VG / 20% PG. This means it is a thick, slightly sweet, and very smooth fluid. Since there is less PG in Brew Frappe than many other e-liquids, the coffee flavor will not be as intense as it would be on its own. All of this means that you can vape Brew Frappe all day without ever getting tired of it. 

Having a higher amount of VG means that Brew Frappe is most suitable for sub-ohm vaping. With Brew Frappe, you can choose a nicotine level of 0, 3, or 6 mg to fit your needs and personal preference. No matter what nicotine level you choose, everything that's great about this liquid doesn't change. Brew Frappe will always have the same VG/PG ratio and perfect amount of flavor. 

Storing, pouring, and traveling with Brew Frappe is just as easy as enjoying the delicious flavor, thanks to the packaging. Brew Frappe e-liquid comes in a Chubby Gorilla bottle, which has an easy-pour top that makes refilling your tank simple and cuts down on wasted liquid from spills. The cap is strong and won’t come off on its own. Along with the slim bottle design, this is great for vaping on-the-go and makes it easy for you to bring your favorite e-liquids with you when you leave the house. Juice Roll-Upz also sells this product on its own so that you can conveniently store and travel with any of your liquids. 

If you end up loving Brew Frappe by Juice Roll-Upz, the company has a great selection of other e-juice flavors to take a look at. This company is known for offering sweet and fruity flavors. Orange Cherry Fire by Juice Roll-Upz tastes like a tangy, fruity candy. Strawberry Ice by Juice Roll-Upz is sweet, tart and refreshing all at once. Juice Roll-Upz flavors will always remind you of your favorite refreshing foods, and this sweet coffee treat is no different. 

When you check out to get a bottle of Brew Frappe, don’t stop there. We have a large selection of other great-tasting e-liquids that you’re sure to enjoy just as much, including Juice Roll-Upz other popular flavors, and Taffy Man E-Liquid's sweet salt water taffy flavor. You can also find all the right tanks and accessories to help you enjoy the product. If you're still in need of the sub-ohm tank that works best with Brew Frappe, we can help you with that. The Arctic V8 Mini Sub Ohm Tank by Horizon Tech is easy to carry around with you, just like our bottles of Brew Frappe.

If you have any questions about Brew Frappe or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

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