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Sometimes you need a vape that defies convention, one that gives boredom a flavor-blasting kick in the pants. Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid is a sensational delight that will break up your vaping routine in a way that is fresh and fun. You don't have to settle for the same old thing. Instead, choose an e-liquid that reflects your own personality.


Product Description

The unique flavor of Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid starts with hints of fresh ripened strawberries. Combine this with notes of tart kiwi and you have a vapor that is perfect for summer afternoons or nights at the lake. Many e-juices have tried to blend these two complementary tastes, but few have nailed it like Unicorn E-Liquid. There is a massive amount of flavor in every drop of this premium e-juice. It is satisfying and can be vaped all day. Most of those who vape like to have at least one or two personal favorites that are inspired by fruit. 

The trick to producing great fruit-flavored vapor is to create a perfect blend. The process used to develop Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid is complex. First, only the finest raw materials are sourced for production. Next, a careful steeping process in specially designed clean rooms is carried out under the watchful eye of trained mixologists. By the time this exquisite vape is bottled, the result is a vape that does not become bitter or overpowering. This can be a problem with many fruit-based e-juices, but Burst tastes as great on the last pull of the day as it did on the first. It provides a strong, but pleasant hit.

The overall taste of Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid is very creamy and mellow. It rests on the palette in a way that is subtle yet somehow pronounced. Similar e-juices can linger too long in a way that becomes unpleasant. Available in 180ml bottles with nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 mg, Burst is a flavor that you will want to add to your stash of premium e-juices.

We strive to sell only the best and most unique flavors on the market. We vape, too, so when we find something as nice as Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid it makes us happy to make it available to our customers. While you are here, why not check out the entire line of e-liquids we offer. There is something for everyone from the the beginner to the experienced vaper. 

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