Butterscotch by Solace Salts E-Liquid


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Butter Scotch by Solace Salts E-Liquid is a sweetly formulated, nicotine salt e-liquid. Within the chemistry of nicotine salts, there is an inherent smoothness to every draw. The sugary sweetness of a butterscotch candy is perfectly captured within this product and is as mouth-watering as it is quality. The flavor packs a draw and the dense cloud payoff at exhale is just as satisfying. This nicotine salt variety of e-liquid is best when paired with a low powered, non-sub ohm device. 


Product Description

Butter Scotch by Solace Salts E-Liquid provides a perfect replication of butterscotch flavored candies. It is sweet without any unpleasant aftertaste to allow users to have a completely satisfying draw. The richness of the flavor does not come at the expense of the vapor enriched draws. All things are in perfect unison within this idyllic e-liquid. 

As a nicotine salt product, users will generally get the best experience when using this product in a pod or cartridge style device. A low wattage unit is able to accommodate Butter Scotch. Additionally, Butter Scotch has a VG rating of 50% saturation and a PG rating of 50%. This equilibrium of the vapor, which is carried in the VG base, and the flavor, which is carried in the PG base, will allow users to enjoy both components proportionally and seamlessly. Every draw is like velvet on inhale and exhale. 

Butter Scotch by Solace Salts E-Liquid is provided in a 15mL bottle. This size is common among nicotine salt products. Because of the intense concentration of nicotine in the formulas, sessions are generally shorter with fewer draws and devices need fewer refills. Butter Scotch has two nicotine dilutions available, 30mg and 50mg. Each user will be able to access sessions that adhere to their on preference of nicotine intake. 

El Jefe by Solace Salts E-Liquid is another option the company has made available to vapers. Its flavor is enriched to taste like traditional tobacco with a subtle sweetness. This taste is a great match for those that like an earthy flavor. It is especially nice when paired with a nicotine salt that is used in mouth to lung devices (as Solace Salts are designed to be used). The overall experience of a session will be reminiscent of traditional methods of tobacco inhalation.

A great device to pair with a nicotine salt e-liquid is the Cora Eliquid and Oil Concentrate Vaporizer by Vape Dynamics. It holds 1mL of liquids and is discreet yet full of utility. A few short inhalations automatically activate the device. It is then quickly brought to temperature to allow users easy access to a quick session.

When Solace Salts E-Liquid established their place in the vaping industry, they made it their goal to create an entire spectrum of flavors in order to accommodate the nuances of every customer. Aside from that, they also pushed themselves to formulate some of the best nicotine salt e-liquids on the market. Overall, they wanted to have a caliber of excellence unmatched by other companies.

While you decide if Butter Scotch is the right nicotine salt e-liquid for you, look through the other e-liquids, mods, pens, tanks, etc. that are offered through GotVape.com. If you have any questions about something you see or need clarification, please contact our knowledgeable staff of professionals.

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