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With your first vape of BLVD E-Liquid's Caddy, you will immediately be wrapped up in the sweet taste of pink cotton candy. BLVD has perfectly captured the essence of the fluffy, sugar spun confection. While cotton candy is one of the most popular fairground delicacies, you don't have to go to a circus or a carnival to experience the sweet stuff. You can enjoy that lovely, mellow sugary taste right in your own home, without your fingers or nose getting sticky.


Product Description

When you give Caddy a try, on the inhale you will delight in the soft vanilla notes that make up the base of the pink treat. Then the sweet, fruity flavor will soothe your taste buds. Sit back and let the sugar melt on your tongue as the plumes of vapor swirl around to envelope you in a pink candy factory fantasy.

Perhaps you are now day dreaming you are at a carnival with that special someone. The sun is burning yellow hot and the sky is a deep blue. Leisurely moving crowds gather at the various booths with games sounding off bells and whistles. There are delicious smells of all kinds of food in the air. Bets are being waged and skills of marksmanship are being shown off in order to win a prize and impress the special person by your side. The dust, laughter and noise bring anticipation of a day of simple joy. Then you spot the cotton candy stall a little distance away. You see smiling people holding skinny paper sticks which atop sit a tall, unbelievably beautiful, cloud-like, airy, pink puff. Your mouth starts to water and you immediately have to have one. It is the prettiest cotton ball you've ever seen. Blue is cool, but Marge Simpson should have picked the color pink for her hair!

As you take the first lick, you're surprised at how delicate it is. How light, how ethereal and how fragile this creation is. The sweetness dissolves instantly on your tongue. It looks like cotton, hence the name, but is more flimsy, more feathery and more fun. You don't want it to go away. So you take more licks and finally it does go away. Darn!

Open your eyes. And enjoy another round of vaping BLVD's Caddy. You can relish the experience all day long and get that sweet, sugary candy crush again and again. Available in nicotine levels of 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg, Caddy is a smooth and completely satisfying delight.

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