Cake Disposable by Helix Bar


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A sweet, sugary treat, Cake by Helix Bars is the delicious dessert flavored disposable you’ve been waiting for.


Product Description

Artisan crafted, this bar is a perfectly delectable treat with hints of brown sugar and cream for truly succulent flavor notes. With 2.3mL 5% Salt Nic capacity, 500mAh battery and over 600 puffs feel the warm, scrumptiously sweet deliciousness every time you inhale.

More on Helix Bars

Helix Bars are a great disposable device that are an all in one unit allowing for amazing flavor with zero upkeep. As an all in one device each bar has an internal 500mAh battery that powers through 2.3mL of 5% Sat Nic strength.

Each Helix Bar Disposable Device features an estimated 600 puffs, anti-leak design, draw activation in a petite form. With all of these features the Helix Bar not only has a higher capacity in battery and e-liquid than its competitors but features 13 amazing flavors like Mango ICE.

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