Cake Monster by Cake Monster E-Liquid

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Cake Monster by Cake Monster E-Liquid comes in 30 ml bottles and has 6mg of nicotine. This is a liquid that could be described as having the taste of a tres leches strawberry cake. When you open the bottle, you can detect the sweetness that you might get from cake batter with a hint of strawberries. The berry flavor comes through once it's vaped. This is a liquid that will often leave you wanting more as it has a delicate sweet taste. 


Product Description

The flavor is one that is smooth and not overpowering as with some of the other liquids of similar flavors on the market. It coats the tongue in a gentle manner, but the cake batter taste does linger. The strawberry balances the sweetness of the cake, giving a nice combination of fresh and sweet. There are also hints of vanilla that are noted. You can sometimes detect a note of cream as well. If you had to picture the liquid as a dessert, it might be a vanilla cake with a dollop of whipped cream on top and sprinkled with slivers of fresh berries and strawberry syrup. Some might think that the strawberry is somewhat artificial, but once it is warmed in the tank, then it gives way to more of a delicate note. 

At times, there are hints of buttermilk that can be tasted, especially if the liquid is warmed to a higher temperature. One of the things that you will notice with the liquid is that it does have subtle hints of cream. This is what seems to coat the tongue so easily. The cake batter flavor itself doesn't stay around for long. Picture a butter cake that has been soaked in vanilla extract and topped with strawberry syrup that has been slightly sweetened. That is what you will have when the liquid is vaped. Notes of sour cream are present as well, but they are so slight that you would only notice them if you were looking for them in the flavor profile. 

While the cake batter flavor is prominent, you can't forget about the freshness that is noted in the liquid. This is what brings Cake Monster by Cake Monster E-Liquid together. It's not just a boring vanilla cake with a milk and cream. It's more like a strawberry shortcake in some regards since there are hints of the berries when you open the bottle and when those first few hits are taken from the vaporizer.

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