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Cali Colada is a fun and delicious vapor flavor that takes its cue from the laid back California lifestyle. Puffing on this vapor will bring up images of sunny days, blue skies, warm beaches and resting in the shade with a yummy drink in hand. The flavor blend mimics the taste of the ultimate tropical drink flavor, that of a rich and creamy pina colada. The mixers start with the flavor of a hand-picked, ripened and juicy California mango. To the sweet taste of the mango, they add the flavor of everyone's favorite dessert fruit: delicious and savory pineapple. Finally, they toss in hints of sweet guava flavoring.


Product Description

Mixed together, these flavors produce the ultimate tropical vaping pleasure.

Liquid State believes in crafting only vapors that are exceptional enough to be used all day long. They spend months perfecting each exciting new blend. Liquid State uses only the finest ingredients for each perfect blend. Each new blend is thoroughly tested to ensure that the taste will stay original and exciting without getting too heavy. The clouds produced by their premium vapors are soft and silky. They craft and bottle all of their juices in a process that ensures the highest level of cleanliness and purity. Only the best is satisfactory for the customers of Liquid State E-Liquids.

Liquid State E-Liquids produces Cali Colada as a flavor inspired by the summer time in warm and sunny California. They also produce four other blends, each one inspired by a different state in our great nation. Orange Dream has the sweetness of ripe Florida oranges. Coney Cake is a Brooklyn boardwalk favorite, inspired by the savory dessert found in New York. Apple Butter is made with the succulent flavors of caramelized Washington apples. Sweet Leaf is inspired by Georgia peaches mixed with sweet tea lemonade for true southern charm. 

Taste Cali Colada by Liquid State today, and be transported to a state known for its relaxing West Coast lifestyle. The summer time flavors of mango, pineapple and guava swirl together and taste like a delicious party in your mouth. The flavors are light and airy enough to be an exceptional all day vapor. You will be reminded of that great signature California tropical drink, pina colada. Do not forget to try the other four Liquid State vapors as well. Each one is sure to delight and titillate the senses. Liquid State strives to produce only the best blends that remind you of the states by which they were inspired. Order Cali Colada by Liquid State E-Liquids today, and you will enjoy a great California inspired vapor that you can use all day long.

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