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CannaCig Vaporizers

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CannaCig Vapes

The CannaCig aims to do one thing very well. The company pours all of its energy into a single vaporizer that is designed to change your expectations of what a vaporizer can do. Through cutting-edge technology and highly focused research and development, CannaCig is able to provide its users with a vaporizer that gives you a premium vaping experience whether you choose to use concentrates or essential oils. 

Enhanced V.I. Technology

The CannaCig offers exceptional Vapor Inhaler technology that is designed to give you a premium vaping experience with the small, portable unit. Many personal vaping units don't use an enhanced microprocessor to control the heating element and maintain a consistent temperature. This unit accurately monitors and adjusts the heating unit to give you an unparalleled mobile vaping experience. 

Maintain a Consistent Temperature

Many portable vaporizers are simply unable to obtain the appropriate heating range for optimal extraction of your concentrates and essential oils. You'll benefit from a system that is designed to effectively maintain a consistent temperature. The company experimented with several potential heat ranges and settled on the range that provides an optimal and smooth extraction.

CannaCig Design Features

The CannaCig is designed to be completely smokeless, so you won't have to worry about disturbing others during your vape session. It is also designed to be odor-free to ensure your vaping session remains your own. The device doesn't require you to push any buttons, and it automatically turns on the moment you start drawing air through the unit. With specially-designed leak-free seals, you'll enjoy superior flavor and consistency. The device is also extremely small, which makes it easy to carry with you most anywhere.

As one of the smaller portable vaporizers available on the market, the unit offers a small form-factor that comes in at just 9.4mm in diameter and 132.15mm in length. It's also remarkably lightweight and weighs just 17.73 grams. The battery takes up a large portion of the unit to ensure that you can enjoy a long battery life. The atomizer chamber is 9.4mm in diameter, 28.02mm long and accounts for about 3.8 grams of the units overall weight.

One nice feature about the CannaCig vaporizer is that you can change out the mouthpiece with most other tips. The mouthpiece on the vaporizer is 9.4mm in diameter, 33.52mm in length and uses a 1.44mm mouthpiece opening. The mouthpiece is carefully designed to shape your vaping experience and help consolidate the flavor and consistency of your session.

Durable Construction and Design

Since the vaporizer is intended to be carried with you, the company has placed a high emphasis on creating a unit that is durable and resilient. It features a stainless steel structure to reduce the chance of damage to the device. It also comes with a power supply to make it easy to charge the unit quickly. You can buy an optional USB charger to charge the device on the go. 

The unit is able to be cleaned easily by leaving the atomizer out overnight while it's disconnected from the cartridge. Simply place the atomizer in a vertical position on top of a clean towel or paper towel while you sleep.

Replaceable Parts 

The power supply is designed to give you enough power to pull between 200 and 250 puffs per change. Once you've charged and depleted the unit 200 times, the power and usage cycles will begin to reduce. You can replace the power supply when the unit begins to fail. Additionally, you can order a new cartridge to replace an older one if the cartridge begins to fail. The cartridge should be replaced when the unit stops producing vapor or the vapor is significantly reduced.