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Captain Roger's Private Reserve E-Liquid

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  • Scurvy Dog by Captain Roger's Private Reserve E-Liquid

    If you love bakery flavors but want something a little different, get your vaping fork out and scoop into this mix of butter, cream, vanilla and lemon zest. You can taste the graham cracker crust and a whiff of whipped cream. If you ever had the good fortune to eat a homemade lemon cake then you'll know just what this is like. It's so real you can see the beautiful cake with its glossy white top, lemon slice garnishes and delicate crust. It looks almost too good to eat. Fortunately you're not eating it, you're vaping it.


Seek Out Bold Captain Roger's Private Reserve E-Juice

If Blackbeard were around today we're pretty sure of two things: he would vape and he would prefer Captain Roger's Private Reserve E-Liquid. From its retro-themed bottles with labels that look like treasure maps to its strong but smooth delivery of exquisite flavor, the juices from this company will take you right back to a hidden cove in the Bahamas while you refresh and prepare for your next treasure hunt.

Captain Roger's Private Reserve E-Liquid is produced from the finest ingredients and, as you might imagine, specializes in flavors that evoke a bold richness in the form of exotic tastes like lychee and peppers. The result is an artisan blend that surprisingly leaves no aftertaste and can be vaped with satisfaction all day long. Check out these original e-juices:

Buried Treasure features the tastes of mango and chile for a sweet and spicy delight.

Swashbuckler combines fresh strawberry and lychee in a free-spirited marriage of flavors that is as independent as the legendary pirates that inspired it.

Scurvy Dog might be the most intense flavor offered by Captain Roger's Private Reserve E-Liquid. It tastes just like the mouth-watering lemon pie that your own grandmother used to make.

Make a Statement with an Exotic E-Liquid

Captain Roger's Private Reserve E-Liquid is inspired by the freedom-loving men of the Golden Age of Piracy, men that made their own bold choices and their own destinies. If you want an e-juice that makes a statement, Captain Roger's Private Reserve E-Liquid says that you are unique and prefer a flair for the wild side.

All of the flavors offered by Captain Roger's Private Reserve E-Liquid are subjected to the most stringent quality controls. You wouldn't expect a pirate to drink anything but the finest rum and this company doesn't expect you to settle for anything less than a superior vape. Check out every flavor we offer and escape to a Caribbean hideout.