Carnage by ANML E-Liquid


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If you are the kind of vape enthusiast whose lust for great flavor and an utterly refined vaping experience borders on lunacy, then you are the perfect candidate for Carnage by ANML E-Liquid. This tasty E-liquid offers a uniquely tasteful vaping experience that extends the boundaries of vape reality and takes it into another zone, a zone filled with mayhem, excitement and yes, utter Carnage!


Product Description

Carnage is a new and very exciting release from the world-renowned and much worshiped vaping mixologist, curator and all around E-liquid genius, Philip Rocke. Rocke is a mixing specialist who knows how to create a kind of chaos of taste that keeps vapers suiting up in armor and running back in to do battle with their tastebuds. Carnage is a carefully curated blend of top of the line ingredients that work together to create a unique strawberry flavor creates the kind of cravings that most vapers are not prepared to resist. 

The exquisitely powerful taste experience offered by Carnage is easy on the wallet, so vapers can order up without fear of overextending that all important vaping budget. 

The mixing and curating process at ANML that is behind the taste sensation of this exciting new flavor is absolutely second to none. All the vape flavors released by ANML are put through an extensive process of taste selection, and then researched to find the very best ingredients for the flavor in question. After this lengthy and thoughtful process, a curating and mixing procedure is undergone. Only the finest taste will be considered, which is where the genius of the mind behind ANML comes in. 

The mixing process behind Carnage was a one of a kind, hand-crafted experience, with only small batches of this unique artisanal blend flavor ultimately released to the vaping public. The attention to detail is unlike any other, which is why this flavor is incredibly delicious and ultimately addictive, in the very best sense of the word. 

When you are ready to do battle with a uniquely delicious flavor that will send your tastebuds straight into the heart of darkness and then back again, then you are ready for the incredible experience of Carnage E-Liquid by ANML. Order up today, and don't be shy about it!

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