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  • Arizer Solo Vaporizer

    The 2017 Arizer Solo Vaporizer is made by the same company that makes the Extreme-Q and Air vaporizers. One of the best features that this vaporizer has to offer is superior vapor quality. After a long draw from the Solo, you'll instantly recognize the flavorful, clean taste of the vapor. Since it's also easy to use, it's a top produce for novice users. 


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  • Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

    The 2017 Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer is a graceful device that's appropriate for dry aromatherapy needs. It offers users numerous features such as one hour running times, adjustable temperature controls and rechargeable internal lithium batteries that can be taken out. Although this vaporizer is portable, it can offer a lot of power. It's known for its strong and consistent performance abilities. This vaporizer is also notably lightweight and easy to transport.


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  • Extreme Q Vaporizer Heater Cover Old Version by Arizer
    Extreme Q Vaporizer Heater Cover Old Version by Arizer
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  • Solo 2 Vaporizer by Arizer

    The Solo 2 Vaporizer is the Arizer's most powerful portable vaporizer yet. Featuring fast conductive heating, a powerful, long-lasting battery and a new digital screen display with highly customizable temperature controls. The easy-to-use Solo 2 is designed for vaping dry herb, which does not need to be ground up before use. The vaporizer itself is slim and simply designed, ideal for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. Included with purchase is dried lavender, four screens, two borosilicate glass stems, a stir tool, an aromatherapy dish and a three pocket carrying case.


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