cCell Ceramic Coils 5 pk by Vaporesso


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The people at Vaporesso understand that true vape fans expect high-quality products, and the brand has filled the cCell Replacement Coil with value.


Product Description

Vaporesso plated this product with 24 karat gold in three critical places. As a result, the cCell can stand up to the wear of vaporizing a variety of eliquids. 

Vape enthusiasts want a coil that produces shorter vaporization rates but lasts longer than the standard product. The cCell's ceramic wick meets both of those demands. 

By choosing ceramic for its wick, Vaporesso enabled this replacement coil to operate at a heat level that removes residue from the coil. The self-cleaning wick has been one of the vape industry's targets for many years, and the cCell has hit it!

Fans of eliquids are not fans of spit. While many coils produce a vapor that causes saliva to collect in the user's mouth, the cCell offers vape enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy their pastime without the dirty byproduct of spitting.

Coils that produce dry hits are the pits. If you choose this model of replacement coil, you get to avoid the burning sensation and the acrid smell that signal a dry hit.

Vaporesso filled the cCell replacement coil with top-shelf materials and engineering. Subsequently, vape aficionados who choose this product for their pieces will enjoy reliable flavor in every puff.

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When you buy your Vaporesso cCells from our site, you benefit from our passion for providing people with excellent products, and that passion extends to the care we take in shipping our goods to customers.

These high-quality replacement coils are compatible with the Target Tank, Aspire Triton, Aspire Atlantis, Eleaf Melo and Sense Herakles units. Please note that cCell coils do not match Sense Herakles Plus units.

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