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Looking to get into vaping essential oils as a beginner? The CE3 Oil Kit is for you. With its lightweight pen shape, sleek design, 280mAH lithium-ion battery capacity, and simple charging features, any fans of oils with love the CE3 Oil Kit. The device fits comfortably in any pocket or purse and is distinguishable by its LED lighting when you draw from it. The black color is reminiscent to an actual pen. There’s no buttons involved--just pick up, draw, and enjoy!


Product Description

The CE3 Oil Kit is a perfect device for your on-the-go essential oil needs and to enjoy at home. Running on a lithium-ion battery, it is safe to plug in and charge when not in use. The device features a wonderful black metal chassis that feels like a high quality product made to last long. The atomizer is made out of glass instead of plastic like other devices which prevents cracking from the heating elements. It is incredibly easy to fill the 1ml tank. Pour in your preferred solution and vape away.

Included within the device is a lithium-ion battery that users can charge via USB. The USB charging functionality makes it easy to charge it wherever there’s a USB port: a computer, laptop, wall adapter, car adapter, portable battery charger… The possibilities are endless and everywhere. Its 280mAH battery allows the user to take numerous draws then charge while you’re relaxing at home or at work. This device is definitely for people who are tired of charging their device all the time after a session or even a break at work.

Because of the 280mAH battery, the device is so lightweight; you can carry it around everywhere you go. It even includes a LED light at the end when you take draws from it. The LED light is bright and displays when it is charging or in use. This is ideal for the minimalist who prefers simple functionality. Also, at the end of the CE3 Oil Kit, there is a rubber ball stylus function that can be used with all of your mobile touch screen devices. Take it outside with a tablet, use the stylus function to open a movie on a bench, sit back, and relax with your CE3 Oil Kit.

The CE3 Oil Kit comes with an automatic power off function when it is not in use. This amazing feature allows you to forget about turning it off and on, thereby wasting battery by forgetting that the device is on. The CE3 Oil Kit will only activate when the device is in use by inhaling from it. It automatically shuts off as soon you stop inhaling. People love the convenience of this feature as it saves lots of battery life. This ensures your device’s battery will last long before it needs another charge.

This kit includes the lithium-ion battery device, an atomizer, and a charger--everything you need to start vaping essential oils. If you love the CE3 Oil Kit, pick up the CE4 Starter Set! The CE4 Starter Set comes in a wide array of fabulous colors if black does not suit you. It’s one of the cheapest ways to get into vaping as well. Its simplicity is popular and became the standard of vaping today.

This company is known widely for its star device, the CE3 Oil Kit. Its ease of use along with minimal functionality allows any user to pick it up. Its popularity led to many other platforms to follow the company’s footsteps and modify the CE3 Oil Kit’s design and features. As a successful company, they produced a device stands tall among the sea of other kits for essential oils.

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