Cerum Concentrate Atomizer with Dual Quartz Coil by Yocan


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The Cerum Concentrate Atomizer with Dual Quartz Coil by Yocan is an atomizer that tempers every concentrate draw perfectly to create a clean taste and smooth flavor. The Cerum has a dual quartz coil system as opposed to a fiber wick and has as a fully ceramic body. Both of these features create an even temperature so every product is heated seamlessly to create a perfect vapor. Available in two different colors, this mod is an easy addition to your piece.


Product Description

The Cerum Concentrate Atomizer with Dual Quartz Coil by Yocan packs a powerful punch in its petite canister. Its body is made of ceramic and has dual quartz coils for heating and vaporizing concentrates. It generates a powerful, pure vapor with every draw that will have users going to it again and again. The Cerum breaks down into four pieces for easy maintenance and cleaning. 

The Cerum stands just 2.16 inches tall and 0.75 inches wide. With a male style, 510 thread attachment, this device is an ideal coupling with a box mod or 510 battery. If you decide to use the atomizer with a standard battery, the battery needs to be able to support an 0.8ohm atomizer. The wattage output for the battery should be anywhere between 15-25W.

Some may be looking for a mod geared more towards dry herb vaping. The Mak Dry Herd Tank by Yocan offers all the best things about a dry herb mod without forfeiting any design qualities. It has a single, high end, adjustable (2.5-2.56ohm) heating coil that creates a perfect heating environment. The dry herbs won't burn, but will be vaporized to an optimum point for clean draws with massive vapor. The Mak has a multi-function mouth piece that is used to pack dry herbs as well as plunger out any residual ash. 

If you are looking for a self contained vaping pen, there is the Evolve-D Dry Herb Vaporizer by Yocan. With innovative pancake coils, heat is distributed evenly for a consistent vaporization within the atomizer. It has single button disassembly and stands 5.1 inches tall and 0.5 inches wide. The package includes the dry herb pen, an Evolve-D battery, a cleaning brush, one spare pancake coil, and a recharging cable. With a micro-SD rechargeable battery, this product is ideal for those that want dry herb vaping in an all inclusive device. 

Yocan, the maker of the Cerum Concentrate Atomizer, started manufacturing their comprehensive line of products several years ago. Since then, they have pushed themselves to create products that they feel sure will allow premium vaping experiences. Yocan only creates products for vaping essential oils, dry herbs, and concentrates. By zeroing in on this niche, they have allowed themselves to produce devices that are genuinely exceptional.

They are so immersed in the industry that several of their products are patented. Each device is also CE, RoHS, and FCC certified. By setting a standard of unchallenged excellence, they are able to offer a quality and satisfaction guarantee. Users of their products can rest easy knowing they are using top of the line items.

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