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Cheech and Chong E-Liquid

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Iconic Cheech and Chong E-Juice

Two of the most iconic names in comedy entertainment, Cheech and Chong, have entered the e-liquid marketplace to provide high quality products through their World Piece brand. As one might expect, the goal of Cheech and Chong E-Liquids is to offer unique flavors and premium products that provide a top-shelf smoking experience. To begin, the company has rolled out six elite e-liquids that are as distinct as the legendary creators themselves: Dope Deal, Midnight Muchies, Shoot the Moon, Blueberry Haze, Strawberry Revival & Wake & Vape.

Dope Deal is poised to become one of the most popular flavors. It combines the taste of chocolate and peanut butter for a rich, full-bodied flavor. Midnight Munchies is inspired by white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies. Shoot the Moon is a citrus-flavored e-liquid that is straightforward for those that prefer a simpler taste, as are Blueberry Haze and Strawberry Revival. Finally, Wake and Vape will remind users of sweetened rice breakfast cereal with a variety of fruit flavors. Only Cheech and Chong could create an e-liquid this unique. All of the flavor varieties in the Cheech and Chong line are robust and truly convey the quality of the brand.

Each variety of Cheech and Chong E-Liquid is available in a 15 ML bottle and are ideally suited to the Cheech and Chong line of vaporizers. The company was founded with an appreciation of the growing appeal of vapes and a strong consciousness of what the marketplace craves so it is certain that World Piece will keep introducing new e-liquids in the future. While Cheech and Chong E-Liquid is geared toward the experienced, discriminating smoker, those new to vaping will also find the offerings to be a perfect introduction to e-liquids.