Chocolate Milk by Wulf Brew E-Liquid


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Chocolate Milk by Wulf Brew E-Liquid is one of the premium flavors by the manufacturer and is sold in 30ml bottles. As soon as you open the bottle of the liquid, you can smell the decadent flavors of chocolate mixed with a bit of cream. There is almost a vanilla profile as an undertone, giving a richness to the liquid when it's smoked. When you look at the liquid from the bottle, you can see a color that is reminiscent chocolate milk that you would drink from a glass. 


Product Description

This is one of the almost perfect flavors that represents a beverage that you can achieve. There are cascades of chocolate flavors that all come together in a tantalizing aroma and taste. It all begins with the aroma. The chocolate sensation seems to hit the tongue directly through the nose. When it's smoked, the chocolate intensifies, mixing with the milk and other subtle notes of cream. On finishing, there are sweet and calming notes that make you want to reach for more. 

Being one of the premium flavors, it does have a rich sensation. Some might find that it doesn't take as much to smoke in order to get the desired flavors. The liquid comes in a small bottle with a beautiful design. This is a liquid that almost makes you want to get a straw in order to directly enjoy the taste. However, when it's enjoyed at higher temperatures, it can have a slightly bitter taste. It is ideal to use this with a smaller tank so that the temperatures don't reach a high level. The nicotine levels of the liquid can range anywhere from 0-36mg.

Since Chocolate Milk by Wulf Brew E-Liquid has such as sweet taste that isn't too overpowering, it's a product that can be vaped on all day. The aroma that comes from the vaporizer exudes the chocolate scents instead of a simple smoky smell that is sometimes seen with other liquids. There is somewhat of a strong starting flavor for those who aren't accustomed to using a liquid that is so sweet. It almost smells like Nestle chocolate milk powder when you open the bottle, which makes you want to go ahead and blend it with milk instead of adding it to a vaporizer. Once it's on the taste buds, it's hard to get off as it does linger. Flavor blends are ultrasonically steeped in order to give the richness that is smelled and tasted.

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