Cinnamon Roll by Kilo White Series E-Liquid


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Cinnamon Roll by Kilo White Series E-Liquid will fill your senses and your home with the taste of fresh baked pastry. The vapor is warm and smooth, and the aroma is enough to make your mouth water. One of the great things about this e-juice is how well the notes of buttered pastry and creamy icing mix with the cinnamon to create something that is not overwhelmingly sweet. It's great as a morning vape with that first cup of coffee.


Product Description

The first thing you will notice about this designer e-juice is a flavor profile of hot buttered pastry. The warmth of the vapor as it reaches your mouth only enhances this taste. Next, you'll experience the sweetness of rich vanilla icing. Overlaying everything is that taste of cinnamon. It's prominent but subtle, added in just the right amount to convey the inspiration of the e-juice without being harsh on the throat.

Cinnamon Roll by Kilo White Series E-Liquid is such a great fit for sub tanks and cloud chasing because it not only tastes great but has an incredible aroma. When you vape this at home, it won't be hard to imagine something nice cooking in the oven. Those who appreciate a top-shelf e-liquid will probably want to keep this one for special occasions, but go ahead and vape it all day. You won't tire of the flavor.

Other flavors in this popular collection include Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Series E-Liquid. It has the great tastes of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, all blended in a nostalgic package that is reminiscent of hot summer afternoons and sweet frozen treats. You might expect it to be overwhelmingly sweet, but it isn't.

White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo White Series E-Liquid is pure decadence in a bottle. You'll taste tart and tangy ripe strawberries that are covered in rich white chocolate. Every pull is just like standing before the chocolate fountain in a ritzy restaurant.

Marshmallow Crisp by Kilo White Series E-Liquid tastes and smells like the crisped rice treats that are gooey, sticky, and sweet. This e-juice delivers a great throat hit that is very pleasant despite the sweetness of the flavors you'll taste. Everything is in perfect balance, and that makes for a great all-day vape.

Each variety in this collection comes in a 60 ml bottle that has a dropper for quick and clean refilling of your sub tank. You can select from nicotine consistencies of 0, 3, or 6 mg depending on your personal preference. Something vapers love about these e-juices is that they all have a high 70% VG content. That means you will be able to enjoy massive vapor volume, and the all-natural ingredients are much better for you.

Kilo E-Liquid Inc. was founded in 2014 and immediately shot to the top of the marketplace with their Kilo Black Series E-Liquid. The thing that makes these blends so attractive is that they are all handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. Trained mixologists spend months perfecting each recipe. The ingredients are all premium and sourced from top providers. Steeping is managed in some of the best clean rooms in the industry.

While you are shopping for a bottle of Cinnamon Roll by Kilo White Series E-Liquid, be sure to check out all of the e-juices in our large collection. We also stock premium tanks, mods, and accessories from all of the top brands. If you have a question about this e-juice or any of the other items we carry, please contact us so that one of our friendly customer service associates can assist you.

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