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Vaping is all about free-spirited fun, and nothing captures that essence better than Circus Cookie by Circus Cookie E-Liquid. This flavor brings together a colorful assortment of tastes that evoke memories of fun times under the Big Top and all of the pleasant sensations that belong solely to the circus. If a healthy dose of nostalgia is what you look for in an e-liquid, this is the right choice for you.


Product Description

Circus Cookie E-Liquid is a relatively new brand, and their namesake flavor is the brand's first offering. The initial reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with most vapers mentioning how many individual flavor profiles can be discerned in each bottle. The concept behind this e-liquid are the boxes of cookies sold at circuses, most often in the shapes of different animals. Just like the cookies, the e-juice begins with the subtle hints of vanilla and sweet, crispy cookies. Next, vapers will recognize the creamy taste of pink and white frosting. Capping it all off is the flavor of candy sprinkles. Each individual profile comes through in just the right amount to give authenticity to this e-juice.

The vaping community has been inundated with so many e-juice flavors that new brands must push themselves to be highly original. Circus Cookie has done that. They began the process of establishing their brand and launching this flavor by seeking out qualified scientists and mixologists who have made e-juice creation their career. These professionals, some of whom are vapers themselves, evaluated many different recipes in the quest to help the brand define itself. The key concepts they were shooting for was something fun, something smooth, and something that could be vaped all-day. Not an easy task, by any means. Many designer e-juices taste great on the first hit but start to become overpowering as the day goes on. Some of them even become bitter after you have become used to the taste. 

To accomplish all of these goals, the brand had to first make sure they were getting the best raw materials on the market. They also had to perfect the steeping process that allows all of the flavors in Circus Cookie by Circus Cookie E-Liquid to achieve that perfect balance that you taste in each hit. Steeping is done in something known as a "clean room" and is carried out under conditions that prohibit the introduction of any impurities. Throughout the entire creation, quality control experts were on hand to evaluate and test the e-liquid in order to maintain consistency from one bottle to the next.

Circus Cookie comes packaged in 60ml bottles and is available in nicotine levels of 0, 3, and 6mg. The bottle is reminiscent of the boxes cookies are sold in at the circus to add to the overall fun.

Even though this brand of e-liquid is new, the team behind it has been making e-liquids for three years. In that time they have gained an insight into all of the elements that make an e-liquid successful. The most important of these is overall enjoyment, and enjoying a vape goes beyond mere taste. A good e-juice will create an entire vibe that puts you in a specific frame of mind. This one will make you feel relaxed and carefree.

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