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Circus Cookie E-Liquid

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Circus Cookie E-Liquid

Circus Cookie E-Liquid is the maker of Circus Cookie, a delightful e-liquid that inspires feelings of nostalgia and happiness. Some brands choose to focus on doing one thing exceptionally well, and this brand does precisely that in introducing this new flavor. It is hard for a brand to distinguish themselves in the e-juice marketplace given the large number of competitors, but this brand is an example of how to do that through originality and quality.

Circus Cookie is based upon the taste of the iconic cookies that are sold under the Big Top, often in the shapes of various circus animals. The e-liquid captures the sweetness of it's namesake by blending notes of vanilla with those of pink and white frosting and candy sprinkles. Each flavor comes through in a distinct manner and does not get lost in the overall presentation. Clearly, this new brand has a grasp of what it takes to produce a designer e-liquid.

The founders of the brand have been manufacturing e-liquids for several years. The team they employ has many more years of combined experience in this field. They begin with research and development that is detailed and precise. All aspects of e-liquid creation are considered. This precision and attention to detail allowed them to choose this particular flavor as something original that they felt would resonate with vapers. Trained mixologists then set about creating the e-liquid and perfectly capturing its inspiration, which isn't always easy to do when the inspiring taste is so well-known.

Circus Cookie E-Juice Exceeds Industry Standards

Circus Cookie E-Liquid creates its product in conditions that meet or exceed current industry standards. They regularly employ testing by both in-house and independent professionals to ensure the quality of their products. The steeping process utilized by the brand makes use of the standard clean rooms to eliminate the presence of impurities. This is a critical procedure that can affect consistency of a brand's product from batch to batch.

Distinctive Flavor by Circus Cookie

Crafting a distinctive e-liquid is something this company understands. They know that the best raw ingredients must be sourced from the best providers. They also understand how important it is to be in touch with the vaping community. Much of what this brand does is customer-driven. They listen to feedback from vapers and take it to heart. One can expect they will use this same approach as they develop more flavors.

Obviously, an overall attitude of fun drives the mission of this company. They are interested in appealing to the free-spirited nature of vapers. Those who vape are typically laid-back and many are fans of music and pop culture. There is an overall vibe and attitude that accompanies vaping, and these guys have captured that essence by crafting an e-juice that is a little quirky and off the wall. It works. Vapers have had their fill of the standard and sub-standard. Today, they want to be exposed to something new and something that all of their vaping friends will soon be talking about. 

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