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If you are looking for a cleaner, more efficient way to vape concentrates, the Cloud Electro Portable eNail by Cloud V is a piece of precision equipment that delivers vast amounts of vapor and incredible flavor. Many vapers now enjoy vaping concentrates in addition to dry herbs, and this powerful unit is user-friendly and reliable.


Product Description

The Cloud Electro Portable eNail by Cloud V is a high-quality rig for vaporizing essential oils and concentrates. Made by Cloud V, one of the most reputable brands that specializes in devices used by those who vape essential oils and concentrates, the Cloud Electro encompasses innovation and superb craftsmanship to deliver superior quality and a vape that is smooth and flavorful. 

This eNail is presented as an alternative to the traditional nail. It has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use and hold, a powerful battery that provides multiple sessions from a single charge, and a fast heat-up time of just 15 seconds that allows the unit to render vapor quickly. The design is compact enough that the Cloud Electro can be taken anywhere. Its dimensions are 1.6" in diameter and 11" tall.

To use the Cloud Electro Portable eNail by Cloud V, simply remove it from the package and charge it the first time for approximately nine hours. Doing this before you use it for the first time will ensure that the Electro's battery performs at an optimum level each time thereafter. After charging is complete, simply attach the included Aqua bubbler to the battery. The glass should sit securely on the unit's base. Pressing the power button three times will activate the unit, and temperature adjustment can be made by holding down the power button for four seconds. When the light on the front of the eNail turns green, the Electro is ready to vaporize. Other features of this powerful unit include a metal base for more stability and components that are easily cleaned and maintained.

Cloud Electro replacement parts include the Cloud Electro Replacement Glass Carb Cap by Cloud V. A carb cap helps to restrict flow on an eNail device so that more flavor is delivered. You can also purchase the Cloud Electro Straight Aqua Bubbler by Cloud V if your original has become damaged. These parts are OEM and produced for use with the Cloud Electro, and they are subjected to the same standards of quality demanded by Cloud V in the manufacture of all their products.

Cloud V is an expert in the design of devices for dabbing. Dabbing is widely regarded as the most effective and efficient way to vaporize concentrates. It involves putting the concentrate on a hot surface called an eNail. The eNail is heated to a temperature that generally falls between 550F and 750F and the concentrate is placed on a dabber of titanium, quartz, or ceramic. Both the Cloud Electro Replacement Quartz Nail by Cloud V and the Cloud Electro Replacement Titanium Nail by Cloud V are available for purchase at

Cloud V is a California-based company that has a stated goal of manufacturing products that redefine how people vape. The brand has won more than ten awards, making them the most honored portable vaporizer brand in the vaping community. Efficiency, quality, and durability are the hallmarks of Cloud V, and they back the Cloud Electro with a 1-year warranty. If you want to experience the purest form of vaping concentrates, there is simply no better way than products from Cloud V.

While you are shopping for a Cloud Electro Portable eNail by Cloud V, be sure to check out all of the various supplies we carry for dabbing and vaping essential oils and concentrates. If you have a question about this form of vaping, please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat or email. Our specialists are friendly and knowledgeable, and they will help you determine which set up is right for you.

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