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Cloud Electro Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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Cloud Electro Vaporizer Replacement Parts

Cloud Vapes is the proud manufacturer of vaporizers that are designed to vape dry herbs and concentrates, including the Cloud Electro. This portable e-nail has been praised for its durability and functionality. If you need Cloud Electro Vaporizer Replacement Parts, shop for a large selection at the most competitive prices. Cloud Vapes takes pride in the Electro's ergonomic design which makes it the perfect for those with an active lifestyle. It is compact enough to be taken anywhere.

Cloud Vapes was founded as Cloud V Enterprises on May 1, 2012 and maintains facilities in Glendale, California. The brand quickly made a name for itself by introducing the Cloud V, the first self-loading mini vaporizer on the market. Since that time, the focus at Cloud has been to design vaporizers that are highly portable yet powerful. These units have become so popular that many competing brands have tried to duplicate them with little success. High Times Magazine has named Cloud V Enterprises the manufacturer of the best product for vaping dry herbs an astounding eight times.

The Cloud Electro continues the fine tradition of excellence maintained by the brand. It uses a Titanium dish nail and boasts an amazing 6000 mAh. You'll be charging less and vaping more with the Electro. Operation of the vaporizer is very simple. After the battery has been fully charged, the Cloud Electro Straight Aqua Bubbler by Cloud V is placed on the battery. The power button is then pressed three times to activate the unit, the nail heats up in about 15 seconds, and you are ready to vape.

Cloud Electro Vaporizer Replacement Parts include the Cloud Electro Replacement Titanium Nail by Cloud V. With this type of vaporizer, the nail itself is usually a part that will require replacement from time to time because it is the component that delivers the heat required to produce vapor. Some vapers prefer to use Quartz, so there is also a Cloud Electro Replacement Quartz Nail by Cloud V to choose from. 

Cloud Electro E-Nails and Accessories

E-nails are still a relatively new piece of vaping equipment. What this component does is create a consistent temperature source that allows for the vaping of concentrates. Recent years have seen more vapers turn to dabbing, the vaping of concentrates, instead of vaping dry herbs. This surge in popularity is the main justification for the e-nail. In most vaporizers the heating chamber cycles, or heats and reheats as it maintains a set temperature. E-nails do a better job of keeping the heat consistent which makes for a richer, deeper hit. If you take dabbing seriously and it is your preferred method of vaping, e-nails are the industry standard.

Of course, just like other vaporizer parts, all e-nails are not made the same. A poorly made one will not do an adequate job of maintaining heat and will require replacement more often. Vapers who use the Cloud V Electro report a level of performance that far exceeds the competition in all respects. Granted, you will spend a little bit more on the Electro, but the exceptional performance is where the value lies. Additionally, replacement parts for this vaporizer are reasonably priced, making it more economical to keep the vaporizer in top shape.

While you are shopping at for Cloud Electro Vaporizer Replacement Parts, please do not hesitate to check out our entire line of tanks, mods, vape pens, and all the components you might require. If you have any questions about Cloud V, the vaporizers they offer, or their replacement parts, be sure to contact us via live chat or email so that our knowledgeable staff can assist you.