Cloud Phantom Dry Herb Vape


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The Cloud Phantom Dry Herb Vape has features that put it far ahead of the curve when it comes to personal vaporizers. The device has an optimized heating chamber that functions with a single ideal temperature setting, and it requires no advanced knowledge. This pen-style vape provides delicious vapor on the go, and it is made exclusively for use with dry herbs. The Phantom is highly intuitive and comes with a single button for controlling the unit.


Product Description

The Cloud Phantom Dry Herb Vape is one of the best portable vaporizers for dry herbs on the market. The device is easy to use, powerful, and optimized to work perfectly every single time. When you buy a Phantom Dry Herb vaporizer, you will also receive a set of 18650 batteries, a charger for those batteries, a cleaning brush, a packing tool, a pair of tweezers, and a manual for the device.

The device is highly portable as well. It is 6.2 inches long and only 0.83 inches in diameter. That translates to an easy fit in the palm and a low profile in the pocket or purse. The vape can handle up to 0.3 grams of dry herb per session, and it uses convection heating to produce its vapor. This process removes combustion from the equation since the material never comes into contact with the element. Convection heating means more vapor of a higher quality.

The Cloud Phantom Dry Herb Vape should be charged for about 6 hours immediately after purchase, but after the initial charge it should be much faster. The box comes with two batteries, but the device only needs one, so the second is a spare, which is convenient for on the go usage. The filling chamber is directly beneath the mouthpiece for easy filling, and the included packing tool makes the job a breeze. Once the mouthpiece is back in place, the power button should be pressed 3 times in quick succession to turn the power on. When the light on the front of the unit turns blue, the device is ready for vaporization.

The Cloud V brand is one that is well-known for its quality and the highly durable and efficient nature of their devices. They not only produce world-class devices, but they also make their own line of delicious e-liquids. The company has a firm commitment to their customers as well, and they show it with excellent customer support. Their products are admired throughout the industry.

The Cloud Phantom Dry Herb Vape is very easy to maintain because of its sturdy nature and its premium materials. The mouthpiece should be cleaned after each use, and the filling chamber should be swabbed between uses, but that is the only maintenance that is required. Of course, the batteries have to be recharged, but that hardly falls under the maintenance category. The device is so easy to use that many prefer it over vapes with flashier features.

The device does include a manufacturer's warranty, and it is active for one year after the date of purchase. The original purchaser is the only person qualified for the warranty, and the warranty only covers defects in the craftsmanship or materials. Faults that occur as a result of misuse or neglect are not covered. When a covered loss occurs, Cloud V will replace or repair your device free of charge. The device has to be registered after it is purchased in order to be eligible for the warranty, and each device has its own serial number printed on the bottom of the unit. Once you've registered your device, you'll receive your warranty card in the mail.

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