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The Cloud Terra Dry Herb Vaporizer is a popular device among dry herb lovers. It's a convection vaporizer that's known for diverse features such as dual optimized temperature choices, a sophisticated heating chamber and a streamlined and ergonomic look. This user-friendly unit makes a great option for beginners who are just getting started with vaporization. It's equipped with a helpful safety lock function that requires just five easy and quick clicks.


Product Description

The Cloud Terra Dry Herb Vape is ideal for dry herb enthusiasts. If you want to vape your dry herbal aromatherapy mixes with ease and confidence, this convection unit can help you do so. This makes a strong unit choice for people who want to avoid combustion. It can be beneficial for vapers who are constantly searching for even flavors and large vapor clouds. Since this unit boasts an ergonomic design, it's a breeze to handle and carry around. It offers a capacity of between 0.3 and 0.4 grams of herbs. It's 1.6 inches wide and 5.86 inches tall, too.

The Cloud Terra Dry Herb Vape has an innovative heating chamber that comes with a pair of preset temperature settings. These settings are 375 degrees Fahrenheit and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. A blue light signifies the 375 degree setting. A green light, on the other hand, signifies the 410 degree setting. If you want to vape your dry herbs effectively, these settings can help you. The higher temperature option can be advantageous for people who want especially flavor-packed, dense and sizable vapor clouds. 

Vapers who like lack of draw resistance can truly get behind this unit. The same goes for vapers who are fond of rapid heat-up times. If you buy the Cloud Terra Dry Herb Vape, you'll get a lot more than just the device alone. You'll also get a single charging USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable, a packing tool, a cleaning brush, a wall plug and a user's manual. The manual can be useful to vapers who like to read instruction guidelines in great detail beforehand. If you have specific questions regarding correct use of the vape, the manual can educate you as well.

A couple other prominent elements of the Cloud Terra Dry Herb Vaporizer are a 2200 mAh battery, a LED light indicator and single button control. The unit's charging cable is retractable.

If you're searching everywhere for a vaporization device that doesn't call for extensive upkeep, the Cloud Terra may be a perfect fit for you. Using this device is stress-free and simple, too. If you want to own a beautiful unit that epitomizes convenient portability, the Cloud Terra should become part of your setup without delay. It's available in an array of lovely color options. These colors are black, white, turquoise, blue, red and purple. 

People who need spare mouthpieces for their Cloud Terra Dry Herb vapes can purchase replacement OEM offerings that are sturdy, dependable and tough. 

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