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Cloud V Vaporizers

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Cloud V Vaporizers

Cloud V has been credited with innovation that helped to launch the portable e-Nail revolution. This company provides consistently high-quality products that are designed to last, take some abuse and give you an exceptional vaping experience. The company excels at creating products for the consumer that focus on design, performance and exceptional function. 

The Cloud V Product Line

When most vapers think of Cloud V, the focus falls squarely on the types of vaporizers they create. The company offers a full line of options, including herbal, liquid and oil vaporizers. There is also a beautiful glass collection with expertly blown glass that gives your session that personalized touch missing from so many of the company's competitors. These products are designed for people who want a quality vaping experience with a product that looks good too.

From the Electro Collection, you'll want to check out the Cloud Electro Portable Concentrate Vaporizer. This e-Nail vaporizer is designed to give you a vaporizer that offers a sturdy and stable design without sacrificing mobile functionality. The product is highly ergonomic, and it comes with a fast heat-up time and two temperature settings. Choose from 800F or 1000F to meet your specific temperature needs.

Phantom vaporizers use premium-quality materials and boast a superior design. These vaporizers are highly durable and designed to take a bit of abuse and keep on working. The heating chamber has been optimized to give an even cook over all three heat settings. Enjoy your product at 374F, 410F or 436F for a fine-tuned experience that leaves you with a smooth taste and product that won't burn. The system uses a non-combustion design, so you can concentrate on preparing your product and loading it into the system. Once you assemble the product, the mouthpiece locks in place to provide a secure session. 

Concentrate Vaporizers

Enjoy several color options from the Cloud Platinum line. These vaporizers work with concentrated essential oils and have the power to keep you going for hours. One of the primary selling features of this device is the slim design that makes it exceptionally easy to carry with you anywhere you go. Key features that make the unit stand out from other vaporizers include a window on the mouthpiece, an upgraded heating chamber and a wickless nichrome heating element. The result is an advanced and highly efficient unit that produces thick plumes of vapor.

If you want a device that defies the expectations of Heaven and Earth, consider the Cloud Terra vaporizer. Similar to the other collection, you'll have the option to choose from several color options. This unit comes with two heat settings, and the ergonomic shape of the unit makes it easy to handle. The unit uses no combustion, so you'll be able to experience silky and dense vapor clouds. The unit is designed to bring your herbs to an optimal temperature without burning the product. 

Additional Collections

The company offers additional collections to choose from, including the Diamond Collection, Phantom Mini Collection, and various collections devoted to classic stylings and liquid vaporizers. 

Bubblers and Accessories

A full selection of bubblers and accessories are also available from the Cloud V Vaporizer selection. Choose from premium-quality atomizers, glass products, batteries, mouthpieces, power banks, chargers and even necklace. This company creates products for vapers who want an experience that is a cut above the rest.

Cloud V guarantees their products with a full warranty that protects against defects in material and workmanship. Most of their warranties will provide you with one-year of coverage for the original owner of the device.