Cola Disposable by Xtra Bar


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A disposable that tastes like the real thing, Cola by Xtra Disposable Bars in an amazing, flavorful disposable.


Product Description

Introducing Cola Disposable by Xtra!

Cola Disposable by Xtra key features

Better than any carbonated soda, one puff of this disposable will have soda at your fingertips whenever you want. Employing a pre-filled 5.0mL of 5% Salt Nic E-Juice with an internal 600mAh battery this bar delivers a whopping 1500 puffs for amazing all-day savor. Perfect for those who love that delicious soda flavor, enjoy Cola by Xtra Disposable Bars right now.

Cola Disposable by Xtra standing in Eatery

More on Xtra Disposable Bars

More powerful than the rest, Xtra Disposable Bars deliver that extra jam-packed flavor! Since arriving to the market earlier this year Xtra Disposables have stepped up to the plate delivering the most puffs out of a disposable bar. With over 1500 puffs and 20 delicious flavors to choose from, each disposable is pre-filled with 5.0mL 5%(50MG) Salt Nic and an internal 600mAh battery. From the sugary yet cooling Guava Ice to Candy, a delicious cognition tasting of gummy worms, Xtra Disposable Bars have incredible, out of this world flavors.

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