Cola Gummy by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid


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The taste geniuses of Cosmic Fog have done it again, with a new e-liquid flavor that's irresistibly delicious in a crazy, hazy cola nuts kind of way. Get ready for extra vaping pleasure with the taste of Cosmic Fog Premium Juice Cola Gummy flavor.


Product Description

It's an intoxicatingly tasty blend put together with an attention to tasty detail, created as only the brand and blending curators at Cosmic Fog know how.

This sassy and sizzling flavor brings back the fizzy and fun deliciousness of coke bottle gummy candies in an e-liquid blend that will send your tastebuds into the cola candy stratosphere. If you never had the cola bottle gummy candy experience, now is the time to sample it. This e-liquid vaping flavor brings on a little taste of fun with the grownup satisfaction of a full flavored vape that's intoxicating in the very best sort of way.

Cosmic Fog is the Orange County e-liquid company run by taste making vaping experts who know how to keep their customers satisfied. Every new e-liquid flavor released by Cosmic Fog is carefully blended by the owner-mixers at the company's curatorial kitchen, to ensure that only the finest ingredients and taste combinations go into the making of their special line of vaping juice. After phase one of the creation process has been completed, the Cosmic Fog taste masters then take the new flavor though a lengthy (7 to 10 months) tasting and refining process, to ensure that any new flavor released under the Cosmic Fog label adheres to the company's highest standards of exquisite vape-taste and savoriness extraordinaire.

Then, before the flavor is released unto the eagerly awaiting vaping public, the e-liquid is put through one more taste test, sampled by the mix masters over a period of weeks to ensure that the liquid's incredible taste holds up after multiple vapings.

Yes, vapers, all this is why Cosmic Fog's new Premium e-liquid flavor, Cola Gummy, is such an incredible taste sensation. Gummies, colas and candy, all wrapped up together in one incredible vape. What could be better? Why not order several 15ml or 30ml bottles right now?

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