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Conflict Mods Batteries

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Conflict Mods Batteries

When it comes to competition level mods, Conflict Mods has an arsenal of vaporizers that will please even the most extreme vaping enthusiast. These vaporizers are powered by Conflict Mods batteries for the ultimate in long-lasting, dependable endurance. At we have replacement batteries that will get you back in the thick of blowing those huge clouds of vapor which Sub Ohm vaping is known for.

Based in Corona, California, Conflict Mods was established to design the best box mods on the market and offer them at affordable prices. The company invests itself in research and development to remain on the forefront of vaporizer technology. They cater to the niche of vapers that like to Sub Ohm. Sub Ohm vaporizers have coils with a resistance of less than one Ohm. These box mods are favored by experienced vapers for their ability to deliver rich flavor and large clouds. Those who vape in competitions often turn to Conflict Mods for their rig. While Conflict Mods is more suited to the advanced vaper, the affordability of their box mods makes them a popular choice for those who are Sub Ohming for the first time.

Batteries are an important consideration to Sub Ohm vaping. Every mechanical mod is powered by a battery. When the ohms are reduced and resistance is lowered, the battery increases the overall wattage of the vaporizer. It is therefore critical that you use Conflict Mods batteries when you need a replacement. Purchasing over-the-counter batteries or batteries from non-trusted sources can potentially damage your Conflict Mods vaporizer and pose a safety risk. When you buy your replacement batteries from you can trust that you'll receive the right battery for your unit.

Just like the mechanical box mods they make, batteries from Conflict Mods are produced according to some of the highest standards in the industry. The company uses a strict set of quality controls to ensure consistency. Conflict Mods holds themselves accountable via a process of self-regulation that includes checks at each stage of the manufacturing process. Producing vaporizers and accessories is more than just a job to the people working at Conflict Mods. Vaping is their passion just as it is yours.

Conflict Mods, Batteries & Other Accessories

The Conflict Mods 18650 battery is compatible with all 18650 mods. This nickel-metal hydride battery is the size of a standard AA battery and is rechargeable. NiMh batteries are typically preferred over NiCd batteries which use Cadmium. NiMh batteries are safer for the environment and a better overall choice for powering electronic devices. This replacement battery features 3500 MAH. MAH stands for Milliamp Hour and indicates how much energy can be stored by a rechargeable battery. The higher the MAH, the longer the battery will last. It also features a 40 amp drain. Conflict Mods engineers their batteries for maximum life because they know how inconvenient it is to recharge often. You can spend more on 18650 mod batteries but it is unlikely you will match the performance of this one.

Conflict Mods Battery Ratings

A sound vaporizer brand cares about their reputation. Word gets around fast in the vaping community. Conflict Mods is no stranger to positive ratings and reviews, and they plan on keeping it that way by insisting on excellence for every product that bears their logo.

While you are shopping for Conflict Mods batteries, be sure to take some time and browse our complete selection of vaping accessories. We have all the cool mods, tanks, and RDA supplies that you have been looking for, and we meet or beat the prices of our competitors. If you're looking for a new e-liquid to try, we've got all the hot brands and new favorites.