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Conflict Mods Replacement Coils

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Conflict Mods Replacement Coils

Conflict Mods is a respected designer of competition-level tanks and mods crafted with the advanced vaper in mind. They focus on building high-end equipment that is prized by those who like to Sub Ohm. Conflict Mods Replacement Coils are available at so that you can replace your coils with regularity at an affordable price. No other part of a Sub Tank affects vapor production more than the coils.

Based in Corona, California, Conflict Mods chose to appeal to a very specific niche in the vaping community--Sub Ohm vaping. Granted, this type of vaping does not appeal to everyone but those who do it are dedicated and often refuse to use any other kind of rig. Sub Tanks vape at resistances of less than 1 ohm. The hallmarks of Sub Ohming are voluminous clouds and rich, full-bodied flavor. Conflict Mods saw an opportunity to fill a need in this area of the vaping community and started designing products like the Conflict Sub Ohm Tank, a stainless steel and heat-resistant glass masterpiece of perfection. It didn't take long before the company began to develop a strong social media following and a host of outstanding reviews.

The entire team at Conflict Mods is very skilled in the production of tanks and coils, but their devotion to vaping culture goes farther than that. Many of them also Sub Ohm vape and have a keen understanding of how coils must be built to demonstrate the ultimate in performance. You just can't cloud chase with poorly made coils. So, this team brings their experience and also their passion into the work that they do.

On average, the coils in a Sub Tank need to be replaced every three weeks or so. This can depend, of course, on how often you vape. Because Conflict Mods Replacement Coils are sold in a convenient and economical package of five, you can order a set and easily determine which frequency of replacement is right for you. The type of e-liquid you use and also the type of Sub Tank can also affect how often you need to make a replacement.

Variety of Coil Types by Conflict Mods

These replacement coils are available in three different varieties: 0.2 ohm, 0.5 ohm, and Ni200. Changing the coils in a tank is easy. It involves removing the battery, taking off the metal cap on the bottom, and removing the old coil head. Just insert the replacement coil, reassemble everything, and you'll be back to vaping in no time. 

There are a few different signs that herald the need to replace your coils. You might begin to experience a lack of flavor or a vape that is very hot and dry. The volume of vapor will diminish. It is also possible that you will hear your tank start to gurgle. All of these things can make you aware that the time to replace your coils has arrived. Coils in a Sub Tank are so critical because they create the even distribution of heat that is a must for Sub Ohming. Heat in a Sub Tank needs to be spread over the largest possible surface area in order to create clouds of vapor and a strong hit.

While you are shopping at for Conflict Mods Replacement Coils, why not pick up a new flavor of e-juice from our vast selection. We have all of the cool brands and new tastes you've been wanting to try. You can also pick up a new tank or mod from Conflict Mods and we'll even assist you via live chat or email if you need help deciding which one is the right one for you.