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Conflict Mods Tanks

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Conflict Tanks

Conflict Mods is a serious vaping company that aims to provide high-level equipment to the vaping community. The company regularly contributes helpful information to the vaping community and works to improve the discussion on vaping around the world. The mods produced by the company are designed to be of the highest quality so you don't have to worry about whether you're getting an inferior product. 

Conflict Mods History and Culture

The company is based in Corona, CA, which puts them in an ideal location to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the vaping community. They are intent on serving both the seasoned vaper and the newbie to vaping, but most of their products are tailor-made to appeal to the more advanced vaper. Staff from the company can be found at high-profile vaping events and helping others who are new to the hobby to learn how to use their new equipment.

Conflict Subtank Social Media Presence

Conflict Mods maintains a vibrant social media presence. The company regularly posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their Facebook feeds often displays the most recent news in the vaping community as well as humorous anecdotes and pictures related to vaping. Twitter is more timely, and you'll find tweets related to activities the company has invested in and new products they have enjoyed reviewing. Instagram provides a graphical tour through their most popular Facebook posts and their product catalog. 

Conflict Mods Tanks

Conflict Mods specializes in box mods, batteries, tanks and coils. You'll find the company uses high-quality components when creating their products, and the products are designed to be easy to use. When you need a more enjoyable vaping experience with top-rated equipment, the company can get you set up with gear that is designed to help you enjoy the best session possible. Many of their products have been featured and reviewed highly on other websites. 

Conflict Mods Product Components

The company offers customers a range of products to choose from, but their tanks are of especially high-quality. Not only are their products highly functional, but they also look amazing. You'll likely have people asking you where you got your equipment when you pull out a product from the Conflict Mods line. Heat-resistant glass, high-quality ceramic and stainless steel components are commonly used to boost the reliability and efficiency of their products. The products are designed to be convenient, efficient and capable, so you can enjoy a highly reliable product.

CF50 Sub-Tank

The CF50 Sub Tank by Conflict Mods and the supplemental replacement coils are among some of the best tank products on the market. With the tank, you'll get a product that goes above expectations by making it possible to store a lot of your essential oils. This reduces the need for frequent refills, and it will give you the option to enjoy a longer session with uninterrupted access.

The tank also uses a more robust battery from a box mod. This makes it possible to spread the heat over a larger surface area and make more contact with your oils. You'll enjoy a smoother and warmer vaping session as a result. The tank offers and easy-fill design to help avoid leaks in the unit. You'll also enjoy the air holes in the product to control your level of airflow. 

Pre-made coils are designed for the unit, and you'll be able to find them in 0.2 ohms, 0.5 ohms and Ni200. The coils are designed to provide you with extra convenience and will last for a long time. This eliminates the need to do manual coil building, and it gives you a better overall vaping experience.