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Conflict Mods Vaporizers

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Vaping Products by Conflict Mods

Conflict Mods is an acclaimed business that has a focus on top-notch vaporizers and associated components. If you're interested in buying a high-quality vaporizer, Conflict Mods' options may be suitable for you. If you're interested in buying high-quality vaping products, the company's choices may be just as appropriate for you. 

One standout product that's available from Conflict Mods is called the 50W Temperature Control Kit. If you want to invest in a temperature control kit that has a convenient size and stylish and sleek black appearance, you can't go wrong with this popular Conflict Mods offering. This box mod kit can offer you the great combination of innovative technology and first-rate performance. If you'd like to fire at just 0.2 ohms, this kit can do the trick for you. People who buy this kit will receive a single temperature control subtank and a single 50W box mod.

Conflict Variable Wattage Mods

Conflict Mods has 30W and 50W box mods available to customers. The 30W version is equipped with a battery capacity of 2500 mAh. It also features an in-depth control system complete with an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display. It's suitable for all female and male 510 threading options, too. People who purchase the 30W box mod can enjoy the convenience and luxury of numerous different power options. Conflict's 50W box mod is equally pleasant and reliable. You need one 18650 battery to be able to power this mod properly. Like its 30W counterpart, the 50W box mod has a detailed control system. This box mod is made exclusively for sub ohm tanks and sub ohm tanks alone. It's notable due to its attractive design that's a blend of gold and black.

Conflict also makes 18650 batteries. These 3500 mAh batteries are appropriate for use alongside all types of 18650 mods, conveniently enough. 40 amp drains are yet another highlight of these batteries. If you're interested in batteries that are durable, these may be optimal for you. If you want your mods to work reliably and without fail, these guys should be able to do the trick for you, no doubt!

Sturdy Box Mods

The brand also makes a sub ohm tank. This tank is a pleasing blend of strong performance and quality design. It has a significant capacity for e-liquid and is great for all of your sub ohm vaping wishes. It includes a glass atomizer. If you want to revel in a nonstop vaping journey, this stainless steel offering from Conflict Mods can help you do so. The sub ohm tank has air holes that provide users with the chance to customize their vaping enjoyment.

Conflict offers subtank replacement coils that come in packs of five. If you want to spend your hard-earned money on vaporizer coils that are dependable and tough, these replacement options are exactly what you need. They go into Conflict Mods sub tanks quickly and with ease, too. People who want amazing vaping experiences for inexpensive prices can benefit significantly from these replacement coil kits.

Conflict Mods' available vaping products are beyond abundant. If you want to learn more about Conflicts' plentiful offerings, you should feel more than free to contact our company (GotVape). Our company representatives have extensive knowledge regarding Conflict mods' product options. If you're on the lookout for box mod kits, batteries, sub ohm tanks or anything else at all, they can cheerfully guide you and get you going in a good direction. When you're looking for reliable and precise vaping product information, we're the people to contact. If you need any additional information, email or phone us at GotVape as soon as possible. We want to help you!