Conseal Replacement Cartridge by Conseal Vape


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The Conseal Replacement Cartridge by Conseal Vape is just what you need to keep your Conseal Vaporizer from Seego delivering those great hits that you've become used to. These nifty and compact vaporizers are popular not just for their functionality and portability, but also for their durability and high-quality.


Product Description

The brand has a reputation for precision, and they cater to many segments of the vaping community by producing vaporizers for oils, concentrates, dry herbs, and e-liquids. 

The Seego Conseal PE by Conseal Vape is a box mod specifically designed to vape oils and concentrates. It is not intended for the vaping of dry herbs. Magnetic cartridges such as this one are used for mods that vape thicker, waxy oils. As you can probably understand, the consistency of the oils used in these cartridges necessitates that they be replaced from time to time. 

A Conseal Replacement Cartridge by Conseal Vape is designed for use in units such as the Vaporizer Concentrate Kit PE by Conseal Vape. The PE has a magnetic ring that attaches to the cartridge. This makes vaping as simple as just dropping in the replaceable cartridge. The PE is a box mod that consists of a Conseal PE Mini Mod Battery, a Conseal PE Atomizer, and a Magnetic Adapter Ring. Some of these individual replacement parts may also be available for purchase. 

Conseal Vape and Seego are dedicated to the perfection of essential oil vaporizers. They understand the special needs of vapers who use this type of equipment. Seego employs professionals that have many years of experience in the vaping industry, and all of the brand's products are compliant with the current industry-standard certifications for safety and quality. Before Seego brings a mod or the cartridges it uses to market, extensive quality control testing is carried out in the company labs. This can often include actual customer simulation in which cartridges and mods are used so that their performance can be assessed. Nothing is left to chance in Seego's manufacturing process.

As the vaping of essential oils has become more popular, Seego and its Conseal Vape imprint have worked hard to remain innovative and incorporate the latest technology into their devices. Many vapers, especially those that use aromatherapy and concentrates for medical purposes, contend that vaping essential oils is a better way to medicate. Conceal Vape vaporizers are all constructed from food-safe materials and provide a premium vaping experience. The vapor they deliver is voluminous and bold, and these replaceable cartridges truly make the experience more efficient and clean.

One of the greatest benefits of box mods that use a replaceable cartridge for vaping oils and concentrates is simple convenience and portability. Many vapers today have an active lifestyle. Small, compact units are what serve them best as they go about their daily activities. These cartridges can be easily carried in a purse, pocket, or backpack. The same can be said for the PE and other box mods from Seego. Today, you don't have to sacrifice quality in exchange for portability and convenience. Conseal by Seego offers both in their line of stellar products. 

While you are shopping for a Conseal Replacement Cartridge by Conseal Vape, be sure to check out all of the vaporizers and replacement parts we offer for vaping essential oils and concentrates. If you prefer traditional e-liquids, we have many tanks and mods to choose from as well as the largest selection of designer e-juices from all of the popular brands. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email.

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