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Conseal Vape Vaporizers

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Conseal Vape Vaporizers

The Conseal Vape Kit is designed to be used with your essential oils. The design of the unit is lightweight and sleek, and it delivers substantial power and performance. This vape is perfect for when you want to have a portable vaping session without compromising the quality. The vaporizer is capable of delivering full and thick clouds. You'll love how transportable this vape is for use on the go. It's also great for enclosed spaces when you want a more private vaping experience, and it offers a reduced output without sacrificing the flavor of your concentrates or your enjoyment.

Product Dimensions

The vaporizer comes with sufficient battery to run the unit safely and effectively. The 650mah battery offers a voltage of 3.7 volts. Resistance ranges from 1.7 to 1.8 ohm, and you'll enjoy the 3ml atomizer tank capacity. It's an extremely small unit that is designed to easily slip into your pocket. The entire unit is designed from the ground up to be efficient, effective and light enough to carry anywhere. It's the ideal vaporizer for traveling.

The kit comes with one Conseal Mod with a built-in battery. You'll also get a Gist PE Atomizer Tank that supports 3ml of concentrate. A magnetic adapter is supplied to power the atomizer, and you'll get a single mini-USB charger to ensure you can power up anywhere you travel. The unit charges up quickly, and you'll be able to charge while traveling to enjoy a quick session when you're away from your home. The magnetic cartridge makes it possible to enjoy drop and go utility, and you can be on your way in record time. 

Intelligent Design

The vaporizer uses an intelligent design that is intended to make it easier to enjoy a discreet vaping session. The top of the unit includes the mouthpiece, and beneath the mouthpiece is a solid silicone cap to form an effective seal. The silicone cap fits inside of the oil chamber, and the vapor chamber is made of food-grade tubing materials. The entire design is made from premium materials, so you can enjoy an effective vaping experience virtually anywhere.

Conseal Vape Features

The unit features an advanced wicking system that can handle 3.0 or 3.5 density oil. You'll also enjoy the anti-leak device that ensures you don't end up with your concentrates getting all over your hands or soaking your pocket. A high airflow design ensures you get the best possible vaping experience, and the connector link helps to secure the chamber to the bottom of the unit. 

The genius behind the connecting parts lies in a magnetic link that ensures the components are secure. You'll also enjoy a USB interface that works with Android phones, and the power switch on the side makes it easy to turn the unit off and on. The base of the unit holds a built-in 13450 battery so you'll get an exceptional battery life.

Use this vape when you need to have a quick vaping session that doesn't interfere with other people around you. The smoke and odor are greatly reduced with this unit so you enjoy a vaping experience that is all your own. This is a must-have unit in any serious vaper's arsenal, and you won't regret using it to help you enjoy your session virtually anywhere. 


When you get the Conseal mod, it's important to note that the unit uses a 510 magnetic adapter. The adapter works with the oil cartridges, but they are not interchangeable between this mod and the Conseal Revival mods. The only compatible part between the two units is the oil cartridge atomizer tanks.