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Cookies & Milk by Tinted Brew Co. unifies the sweet snap of a vanilla cookie with the savory creaminess of a glass of milk. Cookies and milk are a legendary flavor couple and this e-liquid perfectly captures the appetizing way they play off of each other. Every draw also yields a smooth, clean essence without any tacky residue as a side effect. The extent of the flavor has complete resilience in a draw and the vapor that is exhaled is dense and voluminous. 


Product Description

To partake of Cookies & Milk by Tinted Brew Co. would be to allow yourself to be taken on a journey towards a genuine experience of cooking dunking satisfaction. The sugary, vanilla extracts that are encapsulated within this e-liquid perfectly mimic their cookie counterpart. When harmoniously paired with the milky velvet nuances also within this flavor, the end result is the two components playing off of each other to create a perfectly balanced taste. It is delicious, but not overwhelming to truly provide vapers with the epitome of an excellent vaping experience.

Cookies & Milk is a complete equilibrium of vapor and flavor. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30. The cloud payoff in the 70% VG is intense and wholly gratifying. The flavor within the 30% PG is profound, but won't become cake-like and sickeningly sweet. The higher amount of VG lets the vapor have enough space to not be blanketed by the PG's flavor. 

Cookies & Milk by Tinted Brew Co. comes in a nice variety of nicotine concentrations. 6mg for the vapers out there that like a higher level of intake, 3mg for those that fall in the middle, and 0mg for anyone that likes e-liquids purely for the flavor. Whatever the preference is, users will be able to hit the mark of their desired saturation. Cookies & Milk's 60mL bottle is capped with an eye dropper component. This piece allows vapers to instill the product easily into their devices with limited spillage. 

Another milky flavor option is Pink Milk by Salty Man E-Liquid. Once inhaled, users will have the uncanny yet appetizing sensation of taking a drink of a cool glass of strawberry milk. Delicately tangy, completely sweet, and silky smooth, this nicotine salt e-liquid is a boon in any collection. Because it is a nicotine salt product, it should be used with a low wattage pod or cartridge unit. 

For users that want a fruitier take on flavoring, Pineapple Peach by Bazooka Vape is a great option. This variety takes its inspiration from sour candy straws. The tropical tartness of a pineapple is in perfect accord with the sweet essence of a peach. The two parts work together to create a unique, yummy flavor. Additionally, the vapor that it produces is opaque and gratifying to see. 

Tinted Brew Co. opened there doors several years ago. Their team of innovators pushed the company to create idyllic dessert e-liquids that would be intense, but never too much. Each product is steeped for at least two weeks before bottling occurs in order to develop rich flavors. Each ingredient is exclusively sourced from high end vendors and as a result, their products carry a caliber of amazing excellence. 

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