Cora Magnetic Pods by Vape Dynamics


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The Cora Magnetic Pods by Vape Dynamics is the pod system used for the Cora Eliquid and Oil Concentrate Vaporizer by Vape Dynamics. The pack contains two replacement cartridges made for e-juice and oils. These pods utilize a threadless magnet system that attaches onto the vaporizer easily without any effort. The 1.0ml pod capacity allows for a lengthy time vaping prior to refilling compared to other all-in-one systems. Pick these up today with your Cora Eliquid and Oil Concentrate Vaporizer!


Product Description

The replacement cartridges are handy to have when you desire a different flavor or when your ceramic coil life begins to die. While you’re out and heading to work or the beach, you may feel like vaping a different flavor without refilling and mixing e-juice or another oil in your magnetic pod. Without an additional cartridge with you, you wouldn’t be able to change cartridges. Having multiple pods on hand will benefit you greatly with this device.

Don’t forget that after a period of use with a single pod, the ceramic coil will start to lose flavor, vapor production, and eventually fail completely. Get your hands on some spare Cora Magnetic Pods by Vape Dynamics before that happens!

They utilize a bottom fill system where you can refill the pod by twisting the bottom part of the cartridge and inserting your desired product inside. It twists at a full 90 degrees and reveals two small refill holes and they are simple for loading your pods inside. Snap the pods back on the vaporizer using the threadless magnet system and vape away!

The replacement coils include ceramic coils inside of the pod system. Ceramic coils are known to last longer than regular average metallic wire. These coils allow for longer lasting flavor and greater vapor production from your Cora Vaporizer as well!

The box includes two Cora Magnetic Pods by Vape Dynamics.

When Vape Dynamics became a company, their mission was a constant honest effort towards providing innovating products and making sure customers receive long-lasting devices they can take with them anywhere. They strive to improve and evolve as the vaporizer industry moves forward. Founded on pure love for the community and strong work ethics, they have become the next generation of premium vaporizers.

If you haven’t already, check out the Cora Eliquid and Oil Concentrate Vaporizer by Vape Dynamics. This device can vaporize both e-juice and oils at your desire in a simple one-button device. The vaporizer is small enough to fit anywhere and produces great flavor and vapor production to suit anyone’s style of vaping.

Since you’re on looking at the Cora Magnetic Pods by Vape Dynamics, come look at the rest of products in stock. We carry a multitude of different dry herb vaporizers along with mods for traditional e-juices. is proud to carry one of the best selections of e-juices compared to any online retailer. If you have any inquiries about this torch or any products we have, do not hesitate to contact one of our staff member so we can assist you.

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