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Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

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Cosmic Fog E-Juice

Cosmic Fog Vapors was founded in Orange County, California by founders with a culinary background. Their mission is simple: "To craft only the most unique, thoroughly tested, highest quality e-liquids the world has ever seen." The company spends an average of seven to ten months crafting each new flavor. The mixers and founders bring the culinary experience to the table as they create each new flavor. After development of a flavor, the mixers and founders use the juice for weeks to ensure the blend is perfect. They believe that a flavor must hold up and not become boring in order to be good enough for their customers. Cosmic Fog Vapors currently produces ten delicious flavors created to excite and titillate the tongue in the Cosmic Fog Collection and in the premium Lost Fog Collection.

The Cosmic Fog Collection includes seven great flavors. Sonrise by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is a juice inspired by a Hawaiian drink. It is an exotic blend of passion fruit, kiwi and pineapples. Sonset is another blend reminiscent of an island theme. It is a blend of Japanese Nashi pears, crème brulee and a hint of salted caramel. Euphoria by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is a cereal-inspired flavor. It is a mix of orange, wild berry and lemon pieces submerged in milk. Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is meant to be a vaper's true weakness. It is a blend of melon and candy flavors. Nutz by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is a mix of strawberry and almond butter flavors with a hint of whipped honey crème. Milk and Honey by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is a delicious flavor self-described by its name. The flavor is sure to transport you to easier days. With The Shocker by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid, you will taste sweet strawberries mixed with tropical fruit and lemonade.

All of these flavors are sure to provide a great vaping experience. They are meant to be smooth, delicious and exciting. Try the Cosmic Fog Collection today.