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Cosmic Fog E-Juice

Cosmic Fog Vapors was founded in Orange County, California by founders with a culinary background. Their mission is simple: "To craft only the most unique, thoroughly tested, highest quality e-liquids the world has ever seen." The company spends an average of seven to ten months crafting each new flavor. The mixers and founders bring the culinary experience to the table as they create each new flavor. After development of a flavor, the mixers and founders use the juice for weeks to ensure the blend is perfect. They believe that a flavor must hold up and not become boring in order to be good enough for their customers. Cosmic Fog Vapors currently produces ten delicious flavors created to excite and titillate the tongue in the Cosmic Fog Collection and in the premium Lost Fog Collection.

The Cosmic Fog Collection includes seven great flavors. Sonrise by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is a juice inspired by a Hawaiian drink. It is an exotic blend of passion fruit, kiwi and pineapples. Sonset is another blend reminiscent of an island theme. It is a blend of Japanese Nashi pears, crème brulee and a hint of salted caramel. Euphoria by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is a cereal-inspired flavor. It is a mix of orange, wild berry and lemon pieces submerged in milk. Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is meant to be a vaper's true weakness. It is a blend of melon and candy flavors. Nutz by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is a mix of strawberry and almond butter flavors with a hint of whipped honey crème. Milk and Honey by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid is a delicious flavor self-described by its name. The flavor is sure to transport you to easier days. With The Shocker by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid, you will taste sweet strawberries mixed with tropical fruit and lemonade.

All of these flavors are sure to provide a great vaping experience. They are meant to be smooth, delicious and exciting. Try the Cosmic Fog Collection today.

Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

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  • Sonset by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    For a taste that's as soothingly delicious as a sunset in an island paradise, Cosmic Fog Premium Liquid presents Sonset. This incredible e-liquid flavor is the product of Cosmic Fog's intensive blending and development process, and the result is a taste that transports a vaper's experience from ordinary to utterly transformative. 

  • Sonrise by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    Who wouldn't want a Hawaiian getaway every day? Sounds too good to be true, you say? Well, dear friends, today Hawaii is just a puff away. That's right, even if you are stuck in a big, grey, rainy city, you can take in the lush tropical breezes of the Hawaiian islands with just one delicious hit.

  • Chewberry by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    Chewberry by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid comes to you from a heralded designer of premium e-juice blends and boasts the sweetness of mixed berries melded with the nostalgic taste of fruit chews. Each note of flavor is perfectly balanced for an experience that lends itself to all-day vaping without becoming tired or bitter. The vapor volume of this e-liquid is generous and the rich flavor makes it a perfect choice for sub tanks.

  • Chill’d Tobacco by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    The skilled artists of a designer e-juice brand have done it again with Chill'd Tobacco by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid. This delightful combination of smooth tobacco, fresh mint, and menthol offers chilly perfection that is easy on the throat and creates vast clouds of vapor that are pleasingly aromatic. Perfect for those who like the traditional taste of tobacco in their vapor, this e-liquid can be vaped from morning until night without losing its appeal.

  • The Shocker by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    When it's time for a jolt of reality in the very best sense of the word, it's time for The Shocker from Cosmic Fog Premium Juice. This shockingly delicious blend will take your taste buds into another dimension of deliciousness, so why not order a 15ml or 30 ml bottle today?

  • Nutz by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    When it's time for the ultimate in vaping pleasure, it's time to inhale the deliciously nutty taste of Cosmic Fog Premium Juice Nutz. This incredible flavor could only have come from the vaping geniuses at Cosmic Fog, who personally oversee the creation of every flavor in their one of a kind e-liquid line.

  • Milk and Honey by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    Vaporizers are the new marvels of modern technology. Millions of people have now chosen to use vaporizers as an alternative to cigarettes. Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes allow former smokers to still be able to enjoy their nicotine intake but without the terrible smell, bad breath, and public disdain of cigarettes.

  • Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    Power up for great taste with Cosmic Fog's Kryptonite Premium Juice. No doubt, Cosmic Fog has done it again with an incredibly flavorful juice that captures all the power and energy of Superman's crystal nemesis, Kryptonite, in one easy to handle 15ml or 30ml bottle.

  • Euphoria by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    Come out of the fog and blast off into Euphoria, with Cosmic Fog's Premium E-Juice flavor, Euphoria! Vaping enthusiasts who've been waiting for e-liquid Nirvana need wait no more, because Cosmic Fog has been laboring long and hard (over a blending and development period of 7 to 10 months) to bring you a new liquid flavor that will take you into the stratosphere and back again, in a vaping experience that's absolutely euphoric!

  • Cola Gummy by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    The taste geniuses of Cosmic Fog have done it again, with a new e-liquid flavor that's irresistibly delicious in a crazy, hazy cola nuts kind of way. Get ready for extra vaping pleasure with the taste of Cosmic Fog Premium Juice Cola Gummy flavor.

  • Church by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    When you're in that 'Sunday go to meeting' mood, ready to get all dressed up in Sunday finery and indulge in a very special "Sundae" experience, then check out the new e-liquid taste sensation from Cosmic Fog, called Church!

  • Dapple Whip by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid

    Some vaping E-Juices just manage to bring flavor up to a whole new level, which is why Dapple Whip by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid is such an exciting e-juice. This incredibly tasty vape has flavor to spare, as it combines a series of incredibly lip-smacking flavors all into one incredibly delicious e-juice experience.

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