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If you've been looking for a fruit flavored eliquid that seriously delivers, Cosmic Razz from Hall of Fame Vapor (HOF) should, without even the slightest doubt, be the next flavor you add to your lineup. Produced by Cosmic Fog - known for their unique eliquids which help you to blow massive clouds - in conjunction with the other members of the Hall of Fame Vapor company, this eliquid is going to put Jamba Juice out of business. (Well, probably not, but it's seriously that good.)


Product Description

Flavor Profile: Cosmic Razz by Hall of Fame Vapor

One of the first fruit smoothie concoctions offered at Jamba Juice was the Razzamatazz smoothie, and it's still one of the chain's biggest sellers. The success of this beverage is no surprise, since it offers customers an absolutely brilliant combination of flavors including banana, strawberry, and raspberry - but there's a little more to it than that. There's just a dollop of orange sherbet added in for good measure, and it makes a world of difference.

When Cosmic Fog of Hall of Fame Vapor set out to recreate this classic Jamba Juice favorite, they certainly had their work cut out for them. In order to do so, at least reliably, they'd have to find the perfect combination of all of the previously mentioned flavors, plus give it that cool, crisp, and refreshing taste that Jamba Juice fans have come to know and love. Needless to say, this was likely not an easy task, but the companies which make up Hall of Fame Vapor are fully deserving of that name, because Cosmic Razz is easily a "hall of fame" eliquid.

When you first vape this fruity, sweet but-not-too-sweet eliquid, you'll be stunned by how closely it really does resemble a Razzamatazz smoothie. Hall of Fame Vapor clearly paid close attention to the ingredients they added to this brilliant concoction. With each vape, you'll get hints of each individual flavor of banana, strawberries, raspberries, and, of course, orange sherbet. This is a light, smooth eliquid which, in true Cosmic Fog form, can produce very nice clouds as well.

Cosmic Razz Final Thoughts

Cosmic Razz is about as close to perfect as you can get for a fruit flavored eliquid. Yes, that's a strong statement, but the flavor profile of this juice can back it up - at least if you're a fan of multiple fruits blended into one sweet, refreshing mixture. If you prefer single fruit flavors by themselves, that's perfectly fine. However, be a little adventurous and try this blend, because it really is excellent - the good people at Cosmic Fog really know what they're doing.

A Quick But Interesting Industry Factoid About Hall of Fame Vapor

Hall of Fame Vapor is a line of eliquids which has been put together by three different companies. There are very few other industries where competing members would consider working in tandem, but Cosmic Fog, KILO, and Ruthless decided to band together and offer a line of eliquids. Currently Hall of Fame Vapor offers three juices, one from each company. Cosmic Fog offers the eliquid we just looked at, Cosmic Razz. KILO has made a very respectable donut flavored eliquid, Donutman. Ruthless got extra creative and offered up Gummy Snakes E-Juice for their entry to the Hall of Fame lineup.

So, why did these companies team up? These megaliths of the vaping industry decided to combine forces to fight for vaping rights. From the Hall of Fame Vapor line, a large portion of the profits go directly to organizations which advocate for vaping, such as "Not Blowing Smoke," CASAA, and SFATA. So when you get a Hall of Fame Vapor eliquid, you'll actually be doing your part to do a little good in the world as well.

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