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Council of Vapor Replacement Coils

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Council of Vapor Replacement Coils

Council of Vapor Replacement Coils are necessary to maintain the superior performance of your Sub Tank. Council of Vapor engineers their coils to the highest industry standards and has them at competitive pricing that meets or beats the competition. The Council of Vapor brand has become synonymous with perfection in the design and manufacture of Sub Tanks and the coils that are necessary to their function.

Council of Vapor is a trademark of Jasper Technology, LLC. The company was founded by vapers, for vapers. The vaping enthusiasts who began Council of Vapor had a very simple mission in mind: to produce tanks and coils that were worthy of their own high standards. They knew what they wanted from a performance standpoint and set about making their personal vision a reality. Based in California, a leading location for vaporizer production, the brand is positioned to take advantage of the current buzz about new technology. The process at Council of Vapor is thoughtful and innovative.

Shop Functional Council of Vapor Coils

Those who work for the brand are heavily committed to research and development. They continually work to expand the functionality of their tanks and coils. It isn't enough for them to rest on the production of products like the Minivolt Box Mod, one of their most popular creations. They want to continue designing better mods as technology evolves. A slogan used in Council of Vapor's logo is Aequitas Veritas, a Latin term meaning "truth and justice." In this brand's case, the meaning behind the motto reflects company integrity and the chase of perfection. It perfectly sums up their passion for pleasing vapers and the honorable principles which guide the brand.

Council of Vapor Coils for Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub Ohm tanks use coils to spread heat over a large area. This, coupled with vaping at low resistances, creates the vapor clouds that Sub Ohming is known for. In addition, the flavor and hit from a Sub Tank is often stronger and more robust. Coils in a Sub Tank must be replaced with regularity. It is common to need new coils approximately every three weeks or so, but this can vary according to a vaper's own vaping preferences. Obviously, Sub Ohming is a style which suits the experienced vaper, but Council of Vapor has also given consideration to the beginner in their line of products.

Council of Vapor Replacement Coils available at include the Mini Volt Ceramic Coils 5 pk by Council of Vapor. They come in an 0.5 ohm variety and are packaged in sets of five for convenience and economy. Made of fine ceramics and stainless steel, these coils are dependable and effective. The Mini Volt Coils 10 pk by Council of Vapor features coils made to the same high standards but include five more to keep you well supplied. We recommend ordering a new pack of your choice when you have a couple of coils remaining. This will ensure that you don't run out.

Sub Ohming is one of the most popular styles of vaping today, but it has quality requirements that traditional vaping forms do not. This segment of the vaping community is particular and knows the ins and outs of their equipment. A brand like Council of Vapor can only achieve success when they establish a solid reputation for outstanding products.

While you are shopping for your Council of Vapor Replacement Coils, don't forget to take a look at all of the premium e-liquids we offer. Nothing goes better with big ass clouds than big ass flavor, and we've got all of the popular brands. We also carry tanks, mods, and the entire range of replacement parts and components.