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Council of Vapor Tanks

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Council of Vapor RDAs

Council of Vapor is an American-based vapor company that specializing in creating some serious tanks for vapers to enjoy. They are most notable for the creation of the Royal Hunter RDA and the Vengeance Sub Ohm Tank. These tanks are designed to provide you with a high level of utility and an outstanding vaping session. The company produces a range of products to help you enjoy a more fulfilling vaping experience with some of the greatest equipment on the market. 

Council of Vapor History and Culture

The company was created to fill a need for a group of highly passionate vapers who wanted something more out of their experience. The group wanted to create some of the most durable tools available to provide a long life expectancy and a good range of use. In typical man becoming machine fashion, they believe that a mod can fuse with the individual to create an intuitive experience that takes the user to the next level of vaping. The company's equipment is made in Taiwan, and they have a simple to use line of equipment that can help you experience the next level. 

Council of Vapors Product Line

While the company produces a range of products, they are mostly known for their tanks and rebuildable atomizers. Our company sells replacement coils and the Royal Hunter RDA by Council of Vapor. Their products are designed to get you to take notice, and they use appealing colors and novel designs to help vapers get the most out of their use. The products are all easy to assemble, and can be put together quickly so you can get down to business without delay. Many of the products pair perfectly with other devices, and you can enjoy a custom experience to take your vaping session to the next level. 

Product Components

The products feature unique designs that will have you taking a second look. They are also highly versatile, and you'll enjoy good performance with all of their equipment. The tanks are designed to resist leaking, can typically be filled from the top and come very close to operating like a stealth vape should. Air flow adjustments are simple and intuitive, and you'll enjoy the high-quality stainless steel, heat-resistant glass and ceramic materials used in many of their products. The devices can be classified as having new age designs that are a bit quirky and always interesting to look at. 

The Royal Hunter RDA

The Royal Hunter RDA by Council of Vapors is one of the most successful pieces offered by the brand. The unit is only available from select vendors, and it can be used with Mini Volt ceramic coils or Mini Volt coils. As a rebuildable atomizer, you'll find that the Mini Volt is the ideal pairing for this unit. It measures about 22mm in diameter and 45.3mm high. It's designed to be a compact unit so that it can work well with the Council of Vapor Mini Volt.

Customization comes with the Royal Hunter RDA Tank

The tank comes in two colors to fit your needs green and black. The green is a dark hunter green that gives this piece a bit of sophistication. The black has a sleeker look, and you'll be able to enjoy a more stealthy look when choosing the black. The atomizer itself comes with a two post, single terminal build deck that gives you exceptional airflow when you combine it with the 7.5mm by 2mm air holes that go into the chassis of the unit. The unit is versatile, and it will help you get more vapor when you use it with a Mini Volt.