Cowboy Cobbler by Liquid State E-Liquid

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If you're looking for a sweet treat that you can enjoy while vaping, then consider the Cowboy Cobbler by Liquid State E-Liquid. This is a liquid that comes in a 30ml bottle and has a decadent flavor when smoked and an enticing smell. The liquid is based on a popular dessert that is enjoyed in Texas. It's a significant dessert that combines fruits, cream and a bit of pastry. You can detect all of these flavors as soon as yo warm the liquid in the tank. 


Product Description

One of the notes that you can detect as soon as you open the bottle is blueberry. This is a subtle blueberry note that isn't overpowering. There are also flavor notes of pomegranate blended with the berry. These combine to give a fruity flavor to the liquid, a fresh taste that is desirable. This is only the beginning of the Cowboy Cobbler by Liquid State E-Liquid experience. Once you get past the fruit notes, there are hints of cinnamon and other spices that shine through. These give you the beautiful aroma of the cobbler as well as the sweet flavors that would make you think of a warm plate of dessert on a summer day. From the graham cracker rust to the butter that is melted on top, you will find that the entire dessert can be enjoyed in one sitting while you're vaping. 

This is one of the best flavors that has been produced by the company according to those who have used the liquid. Cowboy Cobbler by Liquid State E-Liquid leaves a delicious flavor on the tongue that is smooth. There are many layers of flavors so that there isn't one note that you detect at the same time. This makes the liquid a little easier to enjoy as you can relish on the fruits before the cream and the butter. With a smidgen of heaven blended in with the flavors, you will get something that is far better than a typical plate of cobbler. For a light note in the liquid, you can taste the whipped cream. It's similar to what you would find on top of a hot slice of apple pie, melted together so that it's blended into a delectable bowl of goodness. The liquid comes in a red bottle and in a variety of nicotine options. When looking at the outside of the bottle, you'll notice a cowboy boot, signifying a bit of the taste associated with Cowboy Cobbler by Liquid State E-Liquid.

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