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The Crafty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set includes four individual mouthpieces for use with Crafty Vaporizers, the portable units from industry legends, Storz & Bickel. A mouthpiece is one of the most crucial elements to getting optimum performance from a great vaporizer like the Crafty. Keeping it in good repair and functioning properly is a must. When you order one of these sets you will always have a spare on hand for easy and quick replacement.


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A mouthpiece is the last component that stands between you and a great hit from your rig. Over time, mouthpieces can be rendered inefficient by the presence of debris that is impossible to remove, or simply become ineffective due to normal wear. When this happens, you'll want to have this set of mouthpieces for the Crafty Vaporizer handy. Made from high quality materials, these mouthpieces are designed specifically for the popular portable vaporizer that has joined the Volcano Vaporizer, the Plenty Vaporizer, and the Mighty Vaporizer as masterpieces of German precision developed by a brand that is widely regarded as one of the best vaporizer manufacturers in the world today.

The Crafty was developed for those who wanted a portable vaporizer with some of the same features that can be found in the Volcano desktop. The Volcano was the first to make use of a revolutionary heat exchanger which enabled convection heating for the unit. As devices that are meant for vaping dry herbs, both the Crafty and the Volcano are able to offer a greater level of precision temperature control as well as efficient and effective heating of plant material. This is particularly important when vaping dry herbs because, in order to produce substantial vapor and deliver massive hits, heat needs to be distributed evenly across the entire surface of the chamber or bowl. Poor heating will fail to yield enough vapor while too much will burn the dry herb. Temperature adjustments with the Crafty Vaporizer are simplified by the presence of an app that can be installed on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Of course, mouthpieces aren't the only part of a Crafty Vaporizer that may require occasional replacement. has a full selection of Crafty Vaporizer replacement parts which include the Crafty Vaporizer Liquid Pad Set that allows for the vaping of essential oils and concentrates, replacement screens, and spare seal rings. You can take confidence in knowing that all replacement parts for the Crafty sold at are OEM and made to the same high standards in the same facilities as the originals.

Inventor Markus Storz began a vaping revolution in 1996 when he filed a patent for the removable balloon used in something he called the "Volcano Inhaler." That initial invention would go on to become the Volcano Classic Vaporizer. Storz would later patent the heat exchanger as a method of convection heating that is still found in the Crafty and other vaporizers produced by the company today. When Storz partnered with long-time customer Jürgen Bickel in 2002 to found the brand as it is now known, innovation became a company hallmark. Each year they continue to refine and improve their impressive collection of vaporizers with the latest advances in proprietary technology.

While you are shopping for a Crafty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set, be sure to check out other models from the brand such as the Mighty Vaporizer. It, too, was designed for those with an active lifestyle. We also have tanks, mods, and accessories for those who vape e-liquids. If you have a question about any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us via live chat or email.

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