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The Crafty Vaporizer Power Bank is an accessory that's helpful for aromatherapy lovers. Frequent travelers who always want to have dependable recharging readily available can count on this power bank. This 6600mAh offering is equipped with so much energy that it allows vaping enthusiasts to recharge their devices twice. Users can enjoy more than two full hours of vaping with this product. It weighs 0.36 lbs and is highly portable. Its other highlights include short circuit protection, overcharge protection and 5V / 1A input.


Product Description

We happily sell the Crafty Vaporizer Power Bank at Got Vape. This portable item is a breeze to carry around. That's why it's popular among vapers who do a lot of traveling. Some features of this product include a USB (Universal Serial Bus) charger, a pair of USB port slots and 6600mAh (milli Ampere hour) Lithium-Ion battery power. Vapers who love always being charged and ready to go tend to rely on this user-friendly power bank. If you want to always have the option to be able to enjoy your Crafty unit, you can't go wrong with this offering. The power bank weighs roughly 0.36 lb. It's 2.52" by 3.43" by 0.94" in size as well.

Some people become uneasy when they feel like they're running out of precious vaporization time. That's only natural. The Crafty Vaporizer Power Bank, however, is a luxury that can give people extra peace of mind. If you want ample battery life that can let you relish two extra vaping breaks, this handy power bank is truly all you need.

Other highlights of this power bank are pass-through capability (excellent for people who want to be able to successfully charge the majority of smartphone options), short circuit defense and overcharge defense. 

This power bank is a dream for people who like to steer clear of large and heavy accessories. That's because it's extremely light. If you take this power bank with you everywhere, you'll barely realize you have it on hand. It's truly that compact.

If you want to experience two hours and 15 minutes of amazing vaping pleasure, this power bank is the solution. Note, too, that people can often use their units during the charging process. They must have a minimum of 20 percent device battery life to be able to do so, however. If you love vaping for a long time, investing in this power bank should prove to be a smart decision.

Our site sells many choices in exciting Crafty replacement parts and accessories beyond just the power bank. We offer the Crafty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set. This pack is made up of four mouthpieces. Vaping fans who are searching for durable and tough spare mouthpieces should make a point to keep these parts around. Another product we sell is called the Crafty Vaporizer Replacement Screen Set. People who need to replace their screens can rely on these inexpensive and user-friendly spare screens. These can work well for vapers who like to make sure their sessions are as clean as can be. It's important for vapers to know that clean screens are great for fresh and pleasant air. If you're someone who cares deeply about good vapor airflow, these spare screens can save the day.

Got Vape stocks an amazing assortment of the finest and most trusted Crafty vaporizer replacement parts. Storz & Bickel is a world-famous vaporization brand that comes from beautiful Tuttlingen in Germany. The Crafty vape was developed by the wizards who work for this manufacturer. The company is also known for Volcano and Mighty vaping devices. It even specializes in many accessories. Standout products made by this brand include the Volcano Digit, the Volcano Classic, the Easy Valve and the Solid Valve. Contact us at Got Vape today to learn more about Crafty vaporizers, spare components and beyond.

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