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Crafty Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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  • Crafty Vaporizer Replacement Screen Set

    The Crafty Vaporizer Replacement Screen Set is a reliable spare offering that's suitable for vapers who want to keep their devices in peak condition. Replacement screens can give users vapor that's fresh, pure, clean and pleasant. Old and dirty screens can put a real damper on vaporization enjoyment. These replacements sets are made up of six durable, dependable and efficient screens. They're user-friendly spare parts that are a breeze to change, too.

  • Crafty Vaporizer Seal Ring Set

    The Crafty Vaporizer Seal Ring Set is an essential item for enthusiastic vapers. It's a kit that's made up of a total of 11 pieces. People who are searching for reliable and sturdy replacement seal rings can trust this set. It consists of everything from spare filling chamber seal rings to mouthpiece seal rings and beyond. They can come in handy for people who have broken seal rings that no longer work properly. They're dependable OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

  • Crafty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set

    The Crafty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set includes four individual mouthpieces for use with Crafty Vaporizers, the portable units from industry legends, Storz & Bickel. A mouthpiece is one of the most crucial elements to getting optimum performance from a great vaporizer like the Crafty. Keeping it in good repair and functioning properly is a must. When you order one of these sets you will always have a spare on hand for easy and quick replacement.

  • Crafty Vaporizer Liquid Pad Set

    The Crafty Vaporizer Liquid Pad Set can be extremely helpful for vaporization lovers who wish to vaporize liquids and oils alike. If you're a vaper who is due to get rid of your old pads and say hello to significantly cleaner vapor, this reliable replacement set can do a lot for you. Old and tired liquid pads can often seriously get in the way of nice vaporization sessions. That's why the most seasoned vapers out there replace them on a regular basis.

  • Crafty Vaporizer Wear and Tear Set

    The Crafty Vaporizer Wear and Tear Set is a convenient offering that can accommodate all of your filling chamber replacement requirements. If you want to make sure your cooling unit is always 100 percent ready to go, this set can cater to your wishes. It's made up of a variety of components such as filling chamber tools, mouthpieces, cleaning brushes and liquid pads. This set is an affordable way for vaping fans to make sure that they're always equipped with all of their necessary filling chamber elements. 

  • Crafty Vaporizer Power Adapter

    The Crafty Vaporizer Power Adapter is a reliable replacement part that's made by Storz and Bickel. If you're a fan of the Crafty vaporizer, you need this adapter to charge its battery correctly. This is a spare component that can help people who have broken or malfunctioning power sources. It can help vapers who have lost their power adapters, too. It's an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) piece that offers a high level of craftsmanship.

  • Crafty Vaporizer Cooling Unit Set

    The Crafty Vaporizer Cooling Unit Set is ideal for use in conjunction with Crafty vaporizers. The goal of this item is to offer vapor cooling benefits. Cool vapor can provide users with excellent flavor and rich aromas. People who wish to manage their vapor output needs properly can depend on these replacement cooling components fully. These can encourage efficient and smooth vaping enjoyment. These sets are equipped with a total of three spare cooling units.

  • Crafty Vaporizer Cooling Unit

    The Crafty Vaporizer Cooling Unit offers handy cooling benefits to vaporization devices. This component can provide your vape with fast and efficient cooling assistance that can lead to enjoyable and aromatic taste. Vaping lovers searching for replacement cooling units can count on this durable and efficient offering. This spare unit can help contribute to vaporization experiences that are more relaxing, soothing, easy and convenient than ever before. 

  • Crafty Vaporizer Car Adapter

    The Crafty Vaporizer Car Adapter is a reliable replacement product that can help people who wish to charge their device batteries. If you're a dedicated Crafty vape user, this convenient car adapter can help you charge your unit with ease while you're away from home. If you like being able to easily power up your beloved Crafty unit no matter what you're doing and where you are, this is definitely a spare product that belongs in your setup. Fans of aromatherapy, multitasking and pure convenience should consider investing in this handy car adapter today.

  • Crafty Vaporizer Power Bank

    The Crafty Vaporizer Power Bank is an accessory that's helpful for aromatherapy lovers. Frequent travelers who always want to have dependable recharging readily available can count on this power bank. This 6600mAh offering is equipped with so much energy that it allows vaping enthusiasts to recharge their devices twice. Users can enjoy more than two full hours of vaping with this product. It weighs 0.36 lbs and is highly portable. Its other highlights include short circuit protection, overcharge protection and 5V / 1A input.


Crafty Vaporizer Replacement Parts