Crafty Vaporizer Replacement Screen Set


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The Crafty Vaporizer Replacement Screen Set is a reliable spare offering that's suitable for vapers who want to keep their devices in peak condition. Replacement screens can give users vapor that's fresh, pure, clean and pleasant. Old and dirty screens can put a real damper on vaporization enjoyment. These replacements sets are made up of six durable, dependable and efficient screens. They're user-friendly spare parts that are a breeze to change, too.


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The Crafty Vaporizer Replacement Screen Set is a pack of six sturdy spare screens. Four of these replacement screens are made of standard mesh. Two of them, however, are made of mesh that's particularly fine. The coarse screens are suitable for the cooling units. The standard ones, on the other hand, are suitable for the filling chambers. Regular screen replacement is crucial for anyone who wants to take full advantage of their vaping sessions. This is because screens can accumulate undesirable substances that can significantly alter airflow and vapor. If your airflow just isn't what it used to be, then that could be the result of clogged and dirty screens. This screen set can be helpful for people who want to keep the possibilities of unpleasant airflow and vapor at bay. If you want to ensure your vaping sessions are as pure and enjoyable as possible, you should aim to put brand new screens in each one to two months. You may want to replace them even more often than that, too. Frequent replacement can be a great idea for people who are particular active vapers. 

These screens can be appropriate for straightforward replacement purposes. They can also be great for people who simply want to have spare screens on hand for whatever reason. If you're the kind of vaper who always likes to anticipate problems (and figure out how to deal with them in advance), being equipped with necessary spare components can be advantageous.

Got Vape is an acclaimed Southern California retailer that stocks a vast selection of five-star vaporization devices and accessories. Our choices in Crafty vaporizer replacement parts are varied. If you want to tour a fantastic selection of Crafty vaporizers and spare parts, checking our site out is the way to go. We sell the Crafty Vaporizer Seal Ring Set that's optimal for portable Crafty units. These convenient sets consist of three sizable base seal rings, three smaller base seal rings, three mouthpiece seal rings and two filling chamber seal rings. If you're in need of spare O-rings, this set can make a practical and reliable addition to your vaporization arrangement. These seal rings are inexpensive and simple to use. They offer leak defense and make sure seals remain perfectly tight, too.

Our business also stocks the Crafty Vaporizer Pad Set. This is another strong example of a replacement item that's beneficial for Crafty unit owners. If you like vaping both oils and liquids, it can be quite handy to have this set of spares accessible at all times. Brand new pads can pave the way for vapor that's pure, clean and refreshing. If you want to do away with liquid pads that are far from immaculate, this is the replacement set you need in your life today.

Storz & Bickel is a reputable European brand that produces leading vaporization units such as the Crafty. The manufacturer is also behind the widely known Volcano and Mighty devices. The brand even makes a broad selection of sturdy vaporization accessories including cleaning brushes, dosing capsules and herb mills. Contact Got Vape without hesitation to learn more about our many available Crafty units and supplies.

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