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CRFT E-Liquid

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Delicious CRFT E-Juice

Based in Irvine, California, CRFT E-Liquid is where artisan skills, honed on small batch artistry, meet science and technology to create premium gourmet vape juices. These e-liquids are designed for the vape juice flavor connoisseur. CRFT E-Liquid prides itself on the transparency of its process. There's never any question about the quality or origins of the ingredients used in the production of their vape juices. 

CRFT E-Liquid is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, using top of the line production equipment. This vape juice maker specializes in capturing and blending beautiful flavor notes to create unique vaping experiences, such as the blood orange and blackberry with just a whisper of honey featured in their Rosso flavor. Rosso is part of the CRFT E-Liquid BLCK line, which also includes Citron and Tobacco D'oro.

Citron, a creation of the CRFT E-Liquid artists, brings together the subtle flavors of a tender, delectable pound cake with a light citrus glaze. Tobacco D'oro is a delightful blend of rich tobacco with a delicate infusion of aromatic vanilla bean. Hazelnut and sweet, golden honey. The CRFT E-Liquid BLCK line is almost decadent in its luxuriously unique vape juice flavors. Too delicious to save for special occasions, you'll want to include these vape juice delicacies in your regular vaping rotation.

Pick Up Lime Cola or Gravel Pit

That regular rotation is likely to include additional CRFT E-Liquid masterpieces, once you try the other amazing vape juice offerings created by this artisan e-liquid maker. For menthol fans, there is the Lime Cola flavor, which opens with the cool, refreshing flavor of a tall glass of your favorite cola with a slice of ripe lime, developing over a whisper of minty menthol that rises smoothly to a murmur, perfectly pitched and exquisitely balanced. 

An Array of Vape E-Liquids

Gravel Pit brings together the medley of flavor notes that make up a perfectly ripened, luscious peach with the exotic sweetness of a sun ripened guava. Trail Mix is full of subtle pleasures, combining rich cream with dried fruits and nuts. Fresh strawberries and the creamy, rich flavors of a gourmet vanilla custard come together in Strawberry Blonde. Nobody does vape juice like CRFT E-Liquid does.