Crispy Treats by Ethos Vapors E-Liquid


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Crispy Treats is the latest e-juice to be released from the well-known brand Ethos Vapors. If you can't guess what the flavor of this e-liquid by its name, you will certainly recognize the tasty treat of yesteryear on its special limited edition packaging.


Product Description

Adorned with a delicious rice crispy treat on the bottle, Crispy Treats will fill your mouth with the mouthwatering taste of sweet, vanilla marshmallow and puffed rice baked together. This smooth vapor will hit your taste buds with the perfect combination of sweet, gooey marshmallow and rich, puffed rice. When smoked, you will instantly taste the just out of the oven characteristics of this vape flavor and feel instant nostalgia for this childhood treat. Fans describe this e-liquid as savory, perfectly balanced, and irresistible. 

Crispy treats is a premium vape mixture, created for the sole purpose of satisfying your vaping needs.. This particular e-liquid creates a thick, sweet smoke that flows off the tongue and brings to life the flavor of the delicious marshmallow treat. They are also much more smooth and provide a less harsh smoking experience. New vapers tend to prefer this type of e-liquid because of the effect it has. 

Each box of Crispy Treats e-liquid contains a 60-milliliter plastic bottle of the vaping liquid, one dripping cap, and one microfiber, giving you everything you need to vape this delicious flavor all day long. 

With its outstanding reviews, smooth characteristics, and fun packaging, Crispy Treats is an e-liquid that you will want to stock up on. Once you get started with this all day vape, you won't want to stop!

Crispy Treats is masterfully blended by leading e-liquid brand Ethos Vapors. Founded in 2014, Ethos Vapors provides vaporizer users with unique and innovative smoking flavors. In addition to the Crispy Treats e-liquid, Ethos Vapors also has a trio of Greek God-inspired vaping flavors. Zeus is has a sweet, creamy blueberry danish taste that is sure to delight the sweet tooth in you. Athena, on the other hand, provides more of a tart flavor, mixing watermelon, pomegranate, and just a touch of creaminess. Finally, Hera brings together strawberries and banana for a sweet tropical taste. With a focus on creating quality products and enhancing the vaping experience of its customers, Ethos Vapors is a brand that is sure to stand the test of time. Look out for delicious e-liquid flavors from Ethos Vapors coming soon!

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