Crown 2 Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell


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The Crown 2 Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell is a precision-crafted rig that is both durable and versatile. It can accommodate coils in three different resistances to encompass all of the qualities that are prized by those who sub ohm vape. Expansive clouds of vapor and flavor that is big and bold define this tank. While packed with innovate features designed for optimum performance, this tank is surprisingly affordable.


Product Description

The Crown 2 can hold up to 5 ml of your favorite e-liquid. Filling the tank is convenient thanks to top or bottom filling. When top filling, anti-leaking ensures clean operation and the avoidance of waste. There is a Delrin insulated drip tip, now the industry standard for most sub tanks. It is apparent from these features alone that Uwell Tanks committed themselves to perfecting a tank that would hold up to the rigors of heavy use and satisfy the most discerning niche of the vaping community. Those who sub ohm are dedicated to their vaporizers. They know them inside and out. It is virtually impossible to gain their favor with inferior tanks, and Uwell has seized on this to develop their signature products with integrity.

Coils, of course, are at the heart of a sub tank. Sub ohm vaping involves vaping at resistances of less than 1 ohm. Different resistances produce different results, and that's why the Crown 2 Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell is compatible with three coils in different resistances. The 0.25 ohm coil is designed to produce the largest clouds of vapor. These are the kinds of clouds that vapers produce in cloud chasing competitions. The 0.8 ohm coil will deliver the best flavor from your e-liquids and also lower e-juice consumption. Of course, many vapers will opt for a middle-of-the-road solution, and this would be the 0.5 ohm coil. It creates a perfect balance between clouds and flavor. The great thing about Crown 2 Tank Coils by Uwell is that they are very affordably priced in addition to durable. You can easily keep coils in each resistance range and swap them out at your discretion to satisfy whatever preference you would like. 

The cone-shaped positive connector on the coils that is used by this sub tank goes a long way toward creating a smoother airflow, another important consideration for these kinds of tanks. Finally, the tank has a chimney design that has been refined and improved with the goal of increasing flavor.

Uwell Tanks is an industry leader in the production of affordable sub tanks that do not sacrifice quality. As a brand, the company does not shortchange the manufacturing process. The materials used are high-quality, the machining of the tanks is precise, and numerous quality controls are implemented at every stage of the production process. Uwell Tanks is making a name for itself by choosing not to be a follower but a leader in terms of innovation and design. Their highly-skilled research and development professionals are engaged in the process of innovation in an effort to expand and grow. They are guided by principle firmly rooted in customer service and satisfaction. Uwell Tanks also understands the importance of safety where sub tanks are concerned and they remain in compliance with all industry standard certifications.

While you are shopping for a Crown 2 Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell, be sure to order Crown 2 Tank Coils by Uwell in each resistance to empower your tank with ultimate versatility. We also have all of the most popular e-liquids from the top brands to use in your new sub tank as well as all manner of traditional vaping supplies.

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