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Crown 2 Tank Coils by Uwell are available in three different resistances to add maximum versatility to the Crown 2 sub tank. These coils feature superior construction and either SUS316 or Kanthal heating wire to produce a perfect vape each time. Whether you prefer large clouds, vibrant flavor, or a mixture of both, you can tailor your sub ohm vaping experience to your own preferences with these coils.


Product Description

The Crown 2 Sub Tank by Uwell is designed to vape at resistances of less than 1 ohm. Sub ohm vaping is arguably one of the most popular methods of vaping today. For a sub tank to work at an optimum level, its coils must be superior. These coils benefit from a cone-shaped positive connector which does a great job of promoting airflow and also dispersing heat in an effective, efficient manner. The best coils spread heat evenly and thoroughly to produce the voluminous clouds that Sub Ohming is known for. More efficient heat from these coils also produces a great deal more flavor from your favorite e-liquid.

Crown 2 Tank Coils by Uwell may be purchased in resistances of 0.5, 0.8, and 0.25 ohms. While all of them share certain elements of construction, each resistance will produce a different vape. All of these coils from Uwell use organic Japanese cotton and are fashioned from 316 stainless steel. The wicking ports on these coils are larger than those found on other coils to permit a faster warm-up time as well as a better replication and delivery of flavor.

The 0.5 coil uses an SUS316 core and works best in ranges of 50-80w. This is the coil you want for your Crown 2 Tank if you are looking for the perfect balance between vapor production and flavor. The 0.25 coil is geared for producing the largest clouds of vapor. It has an SUS316 core and is best in the 60-100w range. If you prefer flavor over large clouds, the Kanthal core of the 0.8 coil will give you just the performance that you are looking for. It also has a longer lifespan and typically consumes less e-juice than the others. This coil functions optimally in the 35-55w spectrum.

Uwell Tanks has established three principles for their brand. The first of these is a dedication to serving customers in the best fashion. The second is trust. All coils from Uwell possess a unique verification number that can be used to substantiate their authenticity. The third is a commitment to the highest standards of quality. Uwell understands that safety when vaping at low resistances is a legitimate concern. To that end, Uwell coils meet all of the industry-standard certifications for safety and are subjected to routine quality control inspections.

The experts at Uwell tanks are best described as innovators. They spend hours in the process of research and development in order to implement the latest technologies into their tanks and coils. They are striving to be leaders in the production of sub tanks and components that are not only functional but affordable. In the process they are introducing more people to the pleasures of sub ohm vaping.

While you are shopping for Crown 2 Tank Coils by Uwell, don't forget to check out all of the premium tanks, mods, and accessories we offer from the top brands in the industry. We also have one of the largest assortments of designer e-liquids that you will find. If you have a question about which Crown 2 tank coil is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat system or email.

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